SmartGuard vs. Windows Update / Reboot

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MatthiasE5, Sep 13, 2023.

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    I'm concerned that an automatic SmartGuard snapshot that takes place during Windows Update installation / Windows Update reboot / any reboot might cause curruption of the Snapshot chain or other forms of issues.
    Is this 100% safe?
    Would it not be better if SmartGuard were able to detect ongoing windows update/reboot processes to prevent snapshot exectution at these moments?
  2. MatthiasE5

    MatthiasE5 Hunter

    Also, I would like to request an easy option in the menu:
    "Pause Smartguard for ..."
    (1 hour / 3 hours / 1 day / indefinitely)
    alongside "re-enable smartguard" if it's paused at the moment.
    I'd also really appreciate an option when a smartguard is being announce, to click "ask again in 1 hour"
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