SmartMount Not Working - Broke Shared Folders

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bobbyt, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. bobbyt

    bobbyt Product Expert

    I tried enabling SmartMount on my Parallels 11 / Win 10 VM, however none of my Mac drives showed up in any form on the windows side.

    What's worse is the shared folders I had setup which were mounted as drive mappings have also now disappeared, meaning all the links I had associated with them are also now broken.
  2. bobbyt

    bobbyt Product Expert

    Disabling SmartMount unfortunately has NOT fixed the shared folder issue. Before my home drive was mapped to Z and my shared folders would be auto mapped backwards from Y. As of now they no longer show up in spite of the feature still being enabled.

    My guess is I will need to manually map the drives from this day forward. not something I'm all that crazy about doing...

    It seems like any time something goes wrong in a parallels VM I'm forced to live with the consequences for eternity... Or at least until the next time I plunk down $50 for an upgrade...
  3. TS-Micah

    TS-Micah Product Expert

    I realize this is an old thread, but I came across your post when this just happened to me after recently updating to PD 12.1.0 (41489). I was toying with a Powershell script to unmount and remount a specific \\Mac share as a network drive. I noticed after rebooting none of the drives remounted as expected. However, when I went to manually add the network drive, I noticed the one I was trying to get to work was already in the list, yet inaccessible to me. So, I used the following command:
    NET USE {{DRIVE_LETTER}} /delete 
    and it cleared it up for me and the auto-mount started working. My guess, it was writing something to the registry because I wanted the drive mapping to "persist" (the remember checkbox in the dialog) and that messed up the smart mount.

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