Smooth Scrolling / Fast Scrolling doesn't work on M1 Mac

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by SamS4, Jan 28, 2022.

  1. SamS4

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    I use Parallels 17 both Standard and Pro Editions on two different Mac M1 Processor MacBook Pros under Windows 11 Insider Edition with all the latest Updates. My two Macs are also fully updated to macOS Monterrey 12.2.

    My issue is that ever since Parallels started to support the M1 chip the performance of rapid scrolling with the Mac Trackpad has been terrible. There is no continuous scrolling anymore as when running Parallels 16 on an Intel-based MBP. The scrolling is jerky and stops frequently. When using Microsoft Project on a several thousand line schedule you can barely move as you try to flip through the lines.

    I have tried all the optimizations I can think of including --
    • Additional Flag Setting under Configuration > Hardware > Boot Order, Click "Advanced Settings" and add Boot Flag - "vm.mouse.scroll.pix2ang=256"
    • Varying the amount of memory and processors allocated to the VM (I start with the recommended amount of memory and Cores and then move up and down - No improvement.
    • On my M1 Pro Machine with 32GB and 16 Cores I have given 16GB and 8 Cores to the VM - No Improvement.
    • There is no longer a "Smooth Scrolling" option or I would try that.
    At this point I'm out of ideas. Does anyone at Parallels or on the Forum have a suggestion?
  2. Mikhail Ushakov

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    Hello Sam,
    I've located the ticket you've opened recently. My colleagues from the Second Line Team will reach out to you shortly to help with the issue.
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  3. SamS4

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    Some additional news - Graphics refresh seems to be part of the issue. Here are two images of a schedule fragment. The first shows the Gantt bars, and the second shows what happens after horizontal scrolling and then moving back into the active Gantt area where there should be a display, but only the end of a few summary bars is visible. Interestingly, the Gantt NEVER refreshes unless I force the app to move to the current active task.

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  4. DebasisR

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    Any solution for this yet? I'm using Parallels to trade on my Mac and scrolling the charts is unusable
  5. NikolaiS@Parallels

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    Thanks! We've created a ticket in our support system, and we'll be contacting you there shortly for details.

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