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    I've never used Parallels before, but recently picked up a new Macbook Pro and thought that the combination of Boot Camp and Parallels would work great. However, I've had a bunch of problems with it including:

    1) VM Crashes. One time it took boot camp out, luckily before I had started using it for much of anything. Recently it crashed and I started getting the Hal.dll error. Rebooting the VM seemed to get rid of that error but now it just blows up and says it wants to send a report to the development staff.

    2) Cursor doesn't show when its over 3D windows in the VM.

    3) Shared drives don't seem to work.

    4) I have to crank the VM up almost immediately upon starting Mac OS, otherwise I'm likely to get out of memory errors trying to start the VM.

    5) If the mac goes into hibernate or suspend mode while a VM is active that seems to be a trigger for imminent disaster with the VM. I'm pretty sure thats what caused the latest VM crash.

    6) Everytime I switch between parallels and boot camp, I have to re-activate both windows and MS office. every single time. annoying, especially when you have to talk to "Marcy" with a very pronounced Indian accent.

    Basically, at this point I don't trust the product. I don't trust that it's not going to irreperably munge my Bootcamp installation, and since I depend on that for work, I'm going to have to wait a few updates I think before trying Parallels again. I'm glad I just was evaluating it and haven't bought it yet.

    Its a great idea. I hope they can make it work right. I want to be able to work in boot camp for ultimate speed, but parallels for occassional shared access.

    This whole business of replacing system files seems like a recipe for problems anyway, and they should provide a medic utility under the Host OS to fix stuff when ( not if ) it goes awry. There is too much dependent on an orderly start and shutdown, and not much room for error it seems.

    reading on this forum at least it doesn't appear to be just me having trouble. Parallels has their work cut out for them, both in repairing bugs and in giving users some level of confidence back.
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