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    I hope everybody Is well.
    I use a software that generates Trading Strategies, called Strategy Quant. The software makes calculations and stress tests to strategies. While it's available also for Mac, for some reasons I have to use it on Windows, so I've used it with Parallels Desktop 17.
    When using on Windows with VM though, it is much much much slower vs using directly on Mac. In fact I've had a trial on Mac, and it produces a strategy approx every 50 ms, while on windows every 300 ms. This might look little, but working on thousands of strategies is huge time loss.
    I've a MacBook Air from 2021, with M1 Chip, and 8 GB ram. I'm using Windows 11 ARM directly downloaded through the latest Parallels 17 version.
    It looks that the application primarily consumes CPU. When I'm directly in Mac environment I can use 6-7 cores out of 8, and it goes fast. When I apply the same configuration, e.g. 6-7 cores in Windows VM, it's much slower as explained above.
    The whole point of such a software is to be fast, and I don't understand why Parallels is so slow. I hear people are even playing games, hence would not expect such a poor performance. Any help to get the VM performance closer to Mac one?
    Thanks so much!
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    A VM will always have worse performance than a native OS. There's nothing that can be done about that. You might be able to get better results by assigning fewer CPU cores to the VM. If you assign too much to the VM, there's not enough computing power left for the Mac to actually run the VM. Try half your available cores and half your available RAM.
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    Thank you for the tip, that is the first I attempted. I could expect it was slower, but I didn't expect ten times. Parallels is still an app that claims big productivity, and if I become 10X slower in what I do (e.g. take 10 days to do the work of 1) it's not really productive...
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    Obviously your windows application isn't an ARM native one but x86, so it has to be emulated by the CPU-. And there it's not Parallels that's slow but Microsofts x86 emulation for ARM chips that severely sucks being sometimes 4x slower than Apples Rosetta.
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    totally agreed. it is dead slow. I was just using Firefox and this basic software was running too slow. Parallel is not a good product thinking of buying vps.

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