Solaris 10 - how to 'exit' cleanly?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by zeker00, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. zeker00


    MacPro with Parallels build 1970. Have VM for Solaris10 for x86 06/06. Install went OK, unit not currently connected to a network. After install, boots to SUN CDE 1.6.2 and allows 'root' to login. Appears to be full functionality of CDE. However, when I select [exit] for 'exiting the desktop session', I get the console window login screen for about 10 seconds and the SUN CDE window opens again for login. What I "want" to do is cleanly close out the Solaris VM. If I just 'stop' the VM via Parallels console window, the next time I launch the VM I get

    WARNING - The following files in / differ from the boot archive: /etc/path_to_inst cannot find: /etc/devices/mdi_ib_cache: No such file or directory

    I can clear the service with svcadm clear system/boot-archive but I am not solving the problem.

    Suggestions for a newbie appreciated!:D

    I realize I will need to get the SUN sysadmin in to 'really' setup the desired Solaris environment/accounts/network/etc - but I'd like to get minimal functionality demonstrated to convince them of potential uses....

  2. IscariotJ


    If you use Java Desktop instead of CDE ( available under Options on the login screen ), there is an option on logout to shutdown the computer.

    Failing that, once logged in, open up a terminal/console session, and enter halt. Solaris will then shut down properly.

  3. plarusa


    Open a shell window and type "reboot". You can stop the VM while it is POSTing. There might also be a "shutdown" command somewhere.

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