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Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by Daniel_Zandian, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Daniel_Zandian

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    First of all I must say big thanks for adding this functionality to Access. I can finally retire TeamViewer from my Mac and rely on Access for use from both PC and iPad.

    But, I must confess that the browser iteration is quite basic, and here are a few bugs and other features that would be nice to be added.

    1. When it blacks out the Macs screen, it behaves differently then it does when you connect from an iDevice. It just turns black instead of logo. Not that I miss that, actually prefer it like this, but is it intended?
    2. The keyboard is oddly shifted for special characters. Characters like ?, + and local characters like å, ä and ö are all there, but has moved around beyond any logic I can find.
    3. Id love a setting to auto adjust resolution to match local resolution. Like if Im connecting through a 13 inch laptop, I have to manually adjust the resolution.
    4. It doesn't lock the computer after logout. This may be to the somewhat unspecific logout procedure of just closing the window, but anyhow, it doesn't lock the Mac as it is now.
    5. An easier way to bookmark your remote computer would be nice, for faster access through the browser.
    6. Finally, a more reliable WoL functionality would be a great addition. I want my Mac to sleep when its not in use, and now I have to use a 3rd party app to send the WoL signal, and also rely on a 3rd party app to know the home IP since its dynamic. So adding support for that would be a great feature.
    7. Tighter integration with Parallels Desktop (similar to how it works through the app)
    8. Better support for keyboard commands like tabbing through windows, copy-pasting etc.

    Overall, great addition and well worth the money I believe. Keep up the good work.
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  2. skippingrock

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    I would like to have the ability turn off this ability from the client software. I don't intend to use it and I feel that it is a privacy/security issue as I have no control of access other than my password.

    Also, though I like the ability for a notification to be sent if a new computer or tablet accesses a device, you should have to re-authenticate with your password to prevent this being changed without your knowledge. The ability to prevent web access should be in here as well.
  3. Daniel_Zandian

    Daniel_Zandian Bit poster

    I agree, it should be an option. Obviously, a full desktop app would also be preferred.

    Another thing that-s quite an annoyance, whenever you connect using Access it changes the default audio devices, but it doesn't reset it after disconnecting.

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