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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by game_hunter, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. game_hunter


    I have installed Win98SE and it's running like a champ. Everything is working beautifully except for one astoundingly annoying thing: NO SOUND. I know we're still in beta here but I assure you I will not be buying the software if sound is not going to happen because I require it.

    Does anyone know a method of getting sound working under Win98SE? Any drivers that work?
  2. bigethan


    Same here

    Installed win98 se - no sound. Get a "no hardware found" when trying to play a wav file.

    Previously I installed win98 se, and I coulda sworn it played the 'welcome to windows sound', but after installing the tools, no sound. Which lead to the reinstallation above.

    I can't run the Parallels Tool Center I get two errors at the same time:

    The PARALLELSTOOLCENTER.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA.


    c:\Program Files\Parallels\Parallels Tools\Parallels Tool Center.exe
    A device attached to the system is not functioning

    I'm running Beta6, and any and all tips or suggestions are welcome.
  3. bigethan


    ok fixed my sound problem.

    Go to My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager

    There the sound card and the pci bridge were shown as unknown devices. Remove them. Reboot. When the new hardware is detected, skip the pci bridge installation. when it asks for the sound / multimedia installation, specify a location for the driver and choose c:\Program Files\Parallels\Parallels Tools\Sound\ that'll install the driver and get everything working.
  4. alantruly


    Thank you BigEthan!!

    I have sound working!!!
  5. mmarionsd


    No reboot is required.. go into the device manager, doubleclick on the question-marked audio device, click re-install driver... point it at the same path mentioned and it'll update the driver and start working right away.

    Now if I could just get the network to work right.. it's up and seen, but not getting an IP for some reason.

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