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    I need to be able to access my Mac OSX setup while it is on a VPN. The initial login to the computer does not work. Once logged in I cam able to connect to the VPN on my Parallels remote computer and my sessions persist. If I get timed out due to inactivity I must log my Parallels remote host computer off of the VPN before I can reconnect to it.

    My VPN setup supports split tunneling.

    I need to know the following:
    1. Range of IP addresses used by Parrallels remote access server (access.parallels.com? for the initial login to connect. This isi the screening I referring to (immediately after you have selected your remote machine). Browser reports access.parallels.com but believe there is traffic occuring to other servers as well. I need these hostnames.

    2. Are there other Parallels hosts involved in the remote access outbound communication from the Parallels host computer I am accessing? If so what are they? For example, Teamviewer will use www.teamviewer.com / www.teamviewer.us / logon.teamviewer.com / logon.teamviewer.us Each of these will have a range of IP addresses/networks used.
    currently I need to parallels remote access to a different computer on my home network and then teamviewer

    3. If we get this working then this means at least on a Mac using Shimo and split tunneling (Cisco Anyconnect SSL VPN) we can connect to our Parallels remote computer when that computer is on a VPN since we can route that traffic thru our local router and not the VPN.
    My Shimo setup looks like this...(the is the split tunnel config for access.parallels.com).


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    Hello? Can someone at least tell me what hosts are involved in the outbound and inbound communication between the client and server?
    1. For initial login to the portal
    2. Verification that a given PC is available (appears "online" in the portal)
    3. Login access to the PC (after clicking the machine and it renders in a new window with the "users" listed). In my case the window does not contain the users but looks like this...no names appear and selecting the computer will result in either "nothing" or a blank window.


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