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  1. SakibS

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    Getting an error code 7 and can't run the game any more. Installed the latest version of Active X and .

    I'm on OS X Lion, Parrallels version 7 and Windows 7 32 bit.


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  2. ejparsons


    What are the best settings to play SWTOR in P7?

    I have a mid 2010 iMac running OS X 10.7.3 with 12 GB of Ram. I am running Win XP on P7. Can you advise what might be the best settings for Parallels? I am really struggling to set it up to play SWTOR. Thx
  3. EdGonz

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    After SWTOR update 1.2, the game plays amazingly well under Parallels 7. My next test will be to play during a heroic mission. Playing solo or in groups is not an lag or anything like that. I do have a custom graphics setup though.

    Also, the mouse bug still there - just don't use the left mouse click to look around. In general mouse clicking seems a bit buggy, but game is playable and no booting to Bootcamp.

    Stay tune for my next update!
  4. EdGonz

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    6 Days running on OS X and not once I've gone back to Bootcamp to play SWTOR.

    I've been running Heroic Mode Flashpoints with my guild with no major issues. However, the left mouse button issue still persists; I just don't use the left click mouse button in game - I just got used to it.

    As for the game, I play with most graphics settings set to Low.

    I truly believe something in SWTOR game update 1.2 made the game a bit better to work in a virtual machine; I don't believe this was something done by Parallels. Now if they can only fix the mouse issue at least!

    If you don't mind playing the game in low graphics, then you can positively play this game under Parallels, and at a very decent frame rate as well.

    I've given the virtual machine, two processors, 4GB of RAM and 1GB of video RAM.

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