stop Parallels Access from automatically starting

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  1. lotw

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    You could use nano instead of vi, easy for newbs
  2. Pascal-007

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    How to completely remove Parallels Access ?

    Trash the following files :
    1. ~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.Parallels Access.plist
    2. ~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.Parallels Access.plist.sdb
    3. /Library/LaunchAgents/ : remove the 2 Parallels related items
    4. /Library/LaunchDaemons/ : remove the 2 Parallels related items
    5. /Applications/Parallels
    Of note is that removing the files mentioned in step 3 and 4 will completely disable the app and cause it to crash on start up.

    If you wish to keep the app just in case you suddenly get an iPad for Christmas, follow the steps outlined by MarkJFine
  3. estasolo

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    I disabled by using the Parallels Access window that appears on launch. It has a configuration button and a checkbox to start at launch. Hope that helps.
  4. SimonHobson

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    I think you missed the point a bit.
    When v9 came out, you got this box during install or first start (can't recall which). It didn't really say what you were agreeing to (certainly didn't give any hint whatsoever about the security ramifications), and once installed there was no official way to change your mind - once installed it's installed, no going back. IIRC (and it's a while ago now), after some "forthright comments" from users, Parallels added a means of turning it off later.

    But before the update came out, the only way to stop it happening was to manually rip the program out and hope you got all the tentacles out with it.
  5. IrwinF

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    Thank you! I've looked everywhere but the libraries you identified trying to find the startup for this annoying auto run. This did the trick!
  6. Joseph_Kirby

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    no doubt, this is BS, love the main product but this shovel ware crap is pure evil, get your stuff together parallels ad take this parallels access OUT of AUTO installing and AUTO charging my card, SHADY SHADY SHADY SHADY, spent 15 minutes trying to find out how to cancel it....its not about the money for me, its the privacy aspect...

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