Struggling mightily with resizing the HD

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mattm84, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. mattm84


    I have followed both sets of step by step instructions I found on this forum.

    In the steps using the gparted iso, at the point of "apply all operations", an error message occurs and I cannot move past that point.

    In the steps using the command prompt in Windows to run DISKPART and the command "extend", the only volumes are the CD-ROM, which size is 0, and volume 1, the already selected volume, which cannot be extended.

    Help please!
  2. mattm84


    I have followed four different "step by step" guides to doing this now, and each one has miserably failed. This is seriously fucking frustrating.

    Using the command prompt in windows, I am typing select volume 2, extend, and it is telling me DiskPart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid for extending.

    Using the gparted iso, when I apply all operations, it tells me an error occurred, and that to get support I need to save the data, but then error messages occur when I attempt to save the data.

    WTF Does parallels even have phone tech support???
  3. abanks


    Which OS are you using i used this one LINK for Windows XP and it worked a treat !!
  4. aesop


    Yes, the link above is a clever workaround. In fairness to Parallels, this is a Windows limitation (apparently not with Vista, however). You simply cannot resize boot volumes with Win XP (not sure about Win 3k) although you can add extended partitions.

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