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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by MuhsinFatih, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. MuhsinFatih

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    Parallels is stuck when trying to boot into Ubuntu on external device (usb). This usb has ubuntu installed in it, not the installation media, but actual Ubuntu which I boot with grub on startup. I selected "External device" in hardware > boot order, and selected my usb as external boot drive. Looking at the log file I realised that Parallels tries to mount the usb twice, resulting an error as it gets rejected. Screenshot of error and log file are as follows:
    Here is the full log file:

    If my intention is not clear yet let me explain clearer and in more detail: Much like how bootcamp windows partition can be accessed with parallels, I want to boot into my ubuntu drive in parallels. In a nutshell I have triple boot system where linux is on a usb stick rather than a bootcamp partition, and I want to access this linux usb when using mac with parallels desktop.

    I suppose this is a bug. If so, I would love a workaround until this is fixed in an official release.
    MacOS version: 10.12.5 (16F73) Sierra
    Parallels version: 12.2.1 (41615)
    Ubuntu on usb stick version: 16.04 LTS

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  2. MuhsinFatih

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    Anything? Mods? I think if I am right then this is an issue that needs consideration. I simply can't boot ubuntu from live (persistent storage) usb
  3. KonstantinO

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    Does the USB disk boot on real host ?
  4. MuhsinFatih

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    Sorry for my late reply. If you mean if I can boot the usb on startup then yes. Apple's bootloader doesn't support usb booting as far as I understood, so I had installed grub bootloader and now I have 3 options when I start the computer: MacOS, Windows10, Ubuntu 16.04. Other than that I tried rEFInd (apparently very popular) bootloader, which also recognised all 3 installations, but neither of the bootloaders did parallels recognise. I can launch my Bootcamp Windows10 with Parallels, but I cannot launch my Ubuntu with Parallels.
  5. TianlingZ

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    I have encounter the same problem with Parallele-13.1.1(43120)
    But I can boot the same usb drive with vmware fusion.

    Who knows how to resolve it?

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  6. Elric

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    could you please enable detailed logging (menu of Parallels Desktop -> Preferences -> Advanced -> use detailed log). Then reproduce the problem and send a technical data (menu of Parallels Desktop -> Help -> Send technical data). Then post here its number.
    Disable the detailed logging then, since it generates really many logging.

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