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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by pfloydn, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. pfloydn

    pfloydn Member

    Coherence mode is great. But there are times when I would rather run the guest of in a window. When in coherence mode - adding running app icons to the dock makes sense, and is a very welcome feature. When running the guest in a window - those icons in the doc make much less sense and for me are unwelcome.

    I know I can choose to show the icons or not - but for me the choice is based always just on which mode the guest is in, so I'd have to change it back and forth as I switch modes. This would be alleviated if instead of a single option to show those icons in the doc, you had a tri-mode swith:

    1) show icons
    2) don't show icons
    3) show icons only when in coherence mode

    I would absolutely love this minor addition.

    Thanks for your consideration, and the continued good work on a great product.

  2. ckuske

    ckuske Bit poster

    I'd like to second this. I'd love an option to have the running Windows app icons only show in the Dock when in Coherence mode, when in full screen or windowed mode, I could care less about the icons being in the Dock, but I'd like them there when in Coherence.
  3. neutrino15

    neutrino15 Junior Member

    me 2!

    I would like this feature 2!
  4. wowok1234

    wowok1234 Bit poster

    I don't like the way that parallels does the dock icons now because the option for the dock icons is global. You can either switch it on or off for all the VMs. What I would like to see is for the dock icon feature to be VM-sepcific. This would mean that you can turn off and on dock icons for specific VMs through the VM config window.

    For example, I could have 2 Windows sessions running. When the dock icon feature is VM-specific, I could turn off dock icons for VM1 and turn it on for VM2, and vice versa. This makes a lot more sense than what is currently done.

    I also second the previous suggestions in this thread.
  5. pfloydn

    pfloydn Member

    Start Menu Also

    While I'm at it - talking about configurability, can you please make the function that pops the start menu when clicking on the Parallels Icon configurable? I never want it on. I often have to click on the parallels icon to get the menu at the top, and now I've got to click twice to get rid of the start menu that pops up....

  6. gandalf771

    gandalf771 Bit poster

    Yes, not showing dock icons when in window mode is better, for me.
  7. paperswords

    paperswords Bit poster

    Likewise. Having a clear distinction in preferences between Coherence and Windowed mode could lead to nicer user-defined experiences.
  8. drval

    drval Pro

    I don't see this behavior. I'm using Coherence and when I click on the Parallels icon in the Dock it just changes focus to Parallels, meaning that the Parallels Menu Bar appears along the top and whatever Parallels-based Windows App I have running that was last focussed, will come to the front.

    I have to click and hold down the click to get the Menu to pop-up from the Dock icon.
  9. pfloydn

    pfloydn Member

    Just Bumping this up so it's not forgotten

    This is the biggest usability enhancement for me - I really hope it is noticed and makes it into the next build. I'd love someone from the Parallels team to comment.

  10. pfloydn

    pfloydn Member

    My Thanks!

    Hey team - I just wanted to say Thank You. This feature request is implemented in 3.0 and implemented well. I appreciate the notice - and this makes the experience quite seamless for me.

    Thanks a ton, and keep up the good work. I'm moving my wife from a PC to a mac now that the new mac book pros are out - and that will mean another purchase of parallels for us. You guys are great.

  11. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Thanks Pete!

    Appriciate :)

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