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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Ensoniq, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Ensoniq

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    It's been an interesting week for Mac users...after years of suffering with PC emulation products that were slow and cumbersome even when/if they did actually work, we're suddenly given TWO new products that finally give us the ability to run Windows at usable speeds. Years of the Mac vs. Windows debate pushed aside, now the debate is emulation vs. virtualization, and Boot Camp vs. Parallels Workstation.

    The press has been amazing for Apple, and in some ways Parallels is being overlooked in comparison. But the general user response for Parallels Workstation has been amazingly positive, and it's well deserved. The beta is solid, the final product will fully deliver, and many in these forums have expressed their readiness to purchase the product as soon as it's finished...with others ready to send their money in to Parallels right now.

    My suggestion to Parallels is to take advantage of all the press and good-will surrounding the beta product and "make us an offer we can't refuse", so to speak. Although the final release product is already going to be available at a completely reasonable $49.99, how about a special Mac-only discount for those who purchase the product prior to the final release? My suggestion is $39.99.

    This pre-release purchase discount does a number of things for Parallels:

    1 - It creates even more press buzz around the Mac OS X product.
    2 - It generates instant income today, even before the final release.
    3 - It safeguards against releases by competitors. (MS, VMWare, etc.)
    4 - Seriously, who doesn't like a discount? Please, take our money!
    5 - It makes Mac users feel special. (We admit it...we think we are.) :)

    If you're not ready to make this decision, maybe add a quick poll question to the forums. Ask how many of us readers would give you $39.99 immediately to purchase the software prior to the official release. I think you'll be quite amazed at the results.

    Either way, thanks for the excellent piece of software. Though Apple stole some of your "Windows on a Mac" press thunder, the "dual-boot vs. in-a-window" debate leaves room for both solutions. Your excellent product is out today, beating Microsoft and VMWare to the punch, making you the clear winner in this first round against your direct competitors. Congrats!
  2. rmwilliams4


    I'm ready to ante up. Despite the beta status the product is already providing instant productivity to me in my work situation. Thanks for a beautiful product.
  3. mcg


    Sounds like the folks at Parallels listened to you! Check the home page.
  4. arfung


    So I just filled out my information on the pre-purchase page, including credit card information. I clicked the send button, and then the next page I saw was a continue shopping page. I didn't see an order verifcation as with many e-commerce sites. Is this usual?

    I'm not worried, as I'd happily pay doube the price for this VM. Great work...
  5. nick083


    Thanks for good advice!

    Dear Friends,

    We highly appreciate your advices. And I can ensure you that we pay a lot of attention to the community opinions. We're glad to receive your feedbacks and have a constructive discussion. Let's build the product together and make all of you happy. We're waiting for your feedbacks at this forum and in our mailboxes regarding Mac version.

    Our special thanks to Ensoniq who gave us this excellent idea. We have a present for you - a free copy. :) You'll receive it when final release is out.

    Best regards,
  6. tdaulerio


    Excellent idea, and very cool of the team at Parallels to take note of a user idea like this.

    Well done!

    Keep up the good work!
  7. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Awesome. Ensoniq deserves it. I took advantage of the offer and I appreciated it! :D
  8. Ensoniq

    Ensoniq Bit Poster

    Nick - I am flattered that you chose to use my idea, and honored by the gift. I truly appreciate your hard work, and I hope that you get plenty of dollars for your efforts during the pre-release deal.

    To everyone reading this:

    Support Parallels' continued efforts! Buy your discounted pre-release copy now and get 20% off!

    (Don't make them sorry they took my advice!) :)
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  9. matonmacs


    How long is the discount going to be available? I'd like to see a beta with sound support before I buy, but I'm close to being sold.

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