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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by schrödinger's_cat, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I had an earlier version of Parallel, a while back, and was able to switch or flip between fullscreen Guest OS and Host OS, using a keyboard shortcut.
    I cannot recall what the shortcut was and, through a search here, saw that it is "CTRL + Shift + >", but nothing, at all, happens when I push these. I am not having the same problem many have with windows capturing the keyboard and taking over command functions - it is simply that nothing happens, at all.

    I /do/ have Parallel tools installed and have the "Enable access for assistive devices" box unchecked. Keyboard shortcuts listed in Parallel Preferences are /very/ limited and include toggling for fullscreen mode, but not switching/flipping.

    Is there some other way, I am missing, to set a hotkey for this function?
    Has this function been inexplicably done away with in the newest version of Parallels desktop? I very much appreciate the incooperation of Coherence mode, but removing the ability to switch back and forth in fullscreen mode is a step backwards.

    Any info/feedback would be very much appreciated.
  2. Platinum Samples

    Platinum Samples

    Look in your Parallels Preferences under the Keyboard tab.
  3. Purplish

    Purplish Kilo Poster

    Try Alt Return

  4. My keyboard preferences for Parallels Desktop 3.0 include:
    -release input
    -toggle for full screen
    -toggle for coherence
    -mouse right click

    There is no option for switching back and forth between a full screen of mac os and a fullscreen of my guest os (windows xp).
    Maybe you are using a previous version of Parallels?

    Does anyone know of a way to set a key command for switching between OS in full screen mode in 3.0 or another way to easily switch between the two?
  5. Nothing happens. :-/

    This is really odd and frustrating. It seems like a relatively easy and common sense function to include.
    Has the ability to switch back and forth not been included in 3.0?

    Is anyone using 3.0 that is able to do this?
  6. brkirch

    brkirch Kilo Poster

    Since you have "Enable access for assistive devices" unchecked, try cmd + h.
  7. Purplish

    Purplish Kilo Poster

    Alt Return will switch from Full Screen Mode to Windowed Mode

  8. That effectively hides parallel, revealing my host OS desktop, but it does not switch over to my host OS and allow me to switch back over to my Parellel OS.
  9. Alt Return has absolutely no effect on my version of Parallel (3.0).
    What version are you running?

    I'm not sure if people here are actually understanding what it is I am trying to do....(?)

    I am not attempting to hide the application or switch between modes (ie: Full Screen to Windowed and back again). I am simply wanting to, essentially, flip the screen... keeping Parallel in Full Screen Mode, but switching over to full screen of Mac OS desktop (no trace of Parallel) and then back again to Parallel (which is still in Full Screen mode).

    Is anyone that is using the newest version (3.0) able to do this?
  10. Purplish

    Purplish Kilo Poster

    I am on 4560. But this has worked since at least 1970.

    Keep in mind that Parallels is running on the OSX desktop so chances are you will see it.

    There is a way to achieve part of what you are asking. You can go from full screen to the OSX without Parallels. It is called a kernel panic, and I don't recommend it.

    Have you tried coherence mode with the windows app maximized?
  11. brkirch

    brkirch Kilo Poster

    That has never been possible with Parallels alone, it has always been necessary to use VirtueDesktops or some similar virtual desktop manager.
  12. jgarcia@tdg-i.com


    Alt/option + command + return/enter
  13. You're right. ( ^_^)/U*U\(^_^ )

    This finally occured to me sometime in the wee hours of last night/this morning.
    It was only the beginning of last summer, that I was toying with Parallels, and memories surrounding it have already crumbled into oblivion.
    I was playing with smackbook, at the time, and likely some third-party tool or hack (don't think it was VirtueDesktops, though).

    I did find VirtueDesktops, last night, when I was still searching for a solution.
    Definitely recommend it. (^_^)b
  14. Many thanks, to all, who tried to help me figure out hotkeys for a non-existent feature. (~_^)

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