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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by CStephen84, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. CStephen84

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    Can I sync Outlook (running on WinXP Parallels) with Entourage on the MAC side of my MacBook Pro? Is the only way to use import/export functions? Trying to figure out a way to sync with my Blackberry which doesn't work with USB on the Windows side. Thank You. Steve
  2. drval

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    No direct way that I found. What I had to do was use a third party program O2E I believe it was. I googled various things like:

    Outlook to Entourage
    Convert PST to Entourage

    And came up with a number of options. It wasn't as easy as I would have liked but, then again, my email system contains an enormous number of folders and large numbers of emails.

    Try to google as I suggested and let me know what you find -- I'll try to help as much as I can but, now that I've done the translation, I've left all of the Windows only tools behind.
  3. dkp

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    Syncing is a bit more sophisticated than importing a mailbox to Outlook as syncing implies you will not import previously copied messages with subsequent sync activity. However, if you are careful to move the already imported messages from the Entourage folder you're using for copying (say, blackberry) you can avoid duplicates. Not that dups are that big a deal. Anyway, you may be able to directly import the Entourage blackberry folder (or what ever you call it) into Outlook.

    Entourage uses a standard mbox storage format for mail as does Mozilla/Thunderbird/Netscape, and Outlook (Express) can import files from these mail readers. So you might try copying some mail boxes over to a folder in Windows or one on your Mac that Windows can see, and attempt to import the mail using Outlook's import tool.

    To be on the safe side, be sure Entourage is off when you do the copy so that it won't receive new mail while you're experimenting.

    I've not tried this, so buyer beware. Outlook may be unable to browse in locations you provide, but rather may look for an installation of Thunderbird or whatever and look there. If that is the case it may be necessary to have a Thunderbird installation in your Windows environment.

    Another way, and I think an easier way because I run imap servers, is to simply copy the Entourage mbox file of interest to the imap server spool directory, giving it your login name, and then you simply grab the messages using imap in Outlook. It requires shell access or ftp access to a server with imap services.

    Better of course would be to have direct Blackberry support in the Windows VM. What problem did you have with that?
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  4. Sideways

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    I use Export-Import Entourage by Paul Berkowitz. It's a little tortuous process due to the mbox format previously specified. I ran it for a few months but in the end, settled for Native outlook under Parallels, because I need to cover work (MS Exchange) and home (previously Entourage but now Outlook as well).
    Pity, as I prefer Entourage. If it's only the Blackberry, check the OS/X sync in 10.4.9 as Apple added a whole new batch of smart phone support. Also have a look at Missing Sync, which will sync from most Palm / Pocket PC direct to Entourage.
  5. VTMac

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    Are you also using an Exchange server?? If so, just run them both and point them at exchange. It will sync everything between them. I presently have Entourage, Outlook in Parallels an Outlook on Dell Laptop all running and syncing.
  6. mlincoln

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    As CStephan said, I also point both Entourage and Outlook to the same Exchange server. The Admins must have OWA/WebDAV or IMAP running on the Exchange Server to use Entourage 2004, of course. OWA is best because then you have both programs syncing to the same Outlook server store of appointments. Messages alone sync up fine either via IMAP or OWA functionality.

    I can sit at work, with a Mac and PC running side by side, click an unread message in Entourage, and a few seconds later its status updates to "unread" on the PC, and vice versa. It works the same for deletions, moves, new mail, etc.

  7. CStephen84

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    Thanks for all of the helpful information. Here are the specifics about my situation. I am not on an exchange server. I use a case management program in my business that is PC compatible only. The program is Amicus Attorney. It syncs with Outlook so that I have all data dealing with a particular client matter easily accesible (email, documents, personal info, calendar, etc.). Because I cannot sync my Blackberry with Amicus (they use Palm only) I have to sync it with Outlook (after Outlook has synced with Amicus--which is instantaneous). Since abandoning my desktop PC in favor of the MacBook Pro and Parallels, I can no longer sync my Blackberry with Outlook (on the WinXP side) because of a USB problem. My Blackberry desktop program will not work. This is a known problem and there are threads on it here. My solution has been to export the Outlook data and then import it into Outlook on my home PC and then sync with that. I can't stay current because I have to wait until I get home to do the sync. Thus if I am out on an appointment during the day my calendar is not up-to-date. If I could easily transfer Outlook data from the WinXP side of Parallels to Entourage which I have on the Mac side--and then sync with entourage (which I believe would work if I shutdown Parallels) then I would be more current when I leave the office. If using the import/export function is the solution, I guess I need to know which option to use when exporting from Outlook. When importing to another PC I have used CSV files--this does not work with Entourage.

    Thank you,

  8. CStephen84

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    DRVL and others. I did the Google search as you suggested. I believe I will try the Little Machines software "O2M". Thanks, Steve

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