Syncing the Motorola Q using Parallels

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dfafard, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. dfafard


    I can not for the life of me get the Motorola Q Win Mobile 5 Smartphone to Sync up using Active Sync or Bluetooth in Parallels desktop... so, I went out and upgraded my copy of Missing Sync for 20 bucks and this is my Solution.. hope it helps someone in my predicament.

    OK.. Here is my round-a-bout solution for Syncing my Q with Microsoft Office 2003 and my Mac's Entourage email application.

    It works but is a little tedious to set up.

    First, it depends on where you keep and manage your contacts. I happen to manage them in Outlook 2003 ( pop account ). If you manage in Outlook, select all your contacts and go to the Action menu and "Forward as v-card" this will allow you to send all the contacts to Entourage where you will need to start.
    ( note: if you use the Mac Mail and Cal program you can skip the Entourage instructions )

    Second, on your Mac, make sure you have the latest version of Entourage and that you enable "Sync Services" in the preferences. What this does is allow Entourage to plug into the sync functionality of Mac OSX. This will sync Entourage and your Mac Address Book.

    Third, go sign up for a account ( it's free ) and download their Mac Address book plug-in.... but before you sync to Plaxo, CLEAN UP your contacts in Entourage, removing dupes ect. THEN let Entourage replicate to Address Book.

    Fourth, Using the Plaxo Mac plug-in, Sync your contacts to Plaxo.
    Log onto Plaxo and make sure they are correct.

    Fifth... this is what I did. After backing up my Contacts in Outlook 2003.. I deleted them all so Plaxo would do a fresh Sync. Log onto Plaxo and download their Outlook Plug-in. Now Sync with the web contacts in Plaxo..

    OK, so now Mac Entourage, Address Book and Microsoft Outlook contacts are all in Sync. You can make changes to any of these apps and the contacts will replicate.

    I then went and purchased ( upgraded ) Missing Sync software from Mark/Space for 19.99

    I then connected my Q to Missing Sync using the Entourage plug in and told Entourage to overwrite the Q for the first sync. You can connect the Q via USB or Bluetooth.

    WOW!! All that but I have a nifty syncing solution that sync all my contacts.

  2. zoobazz


    So you are in a sense, using Plaxo to keep contacts in sync in both OS's? Very clever if that is the case.. got any ideas for calendar syncs?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. dfafard


    I do not... but I hear Plaxo is working on an iCal plug-in. Wouldn't hurt to suggest to them. The system is working great for contacts though.

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