Terribly confused about your license model

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license model confusing?

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  1. DaveC19

    DaveC19 Bit poster

    Last year I bought a license for MAC, worked great but it expired. When I needed it again, I bought a new subscription with my MAC ID. Great but no license key, no ability to use the $79.99 subscription I just bought. Does not show up in my parallels web account, no record of my MAC subscription purchase anywhere except being credited on my MAC Account. How do I get assistance with this? I am not contacting you on Twitter. Btw twitter is an announcement platform, it isn't a support ticket platform. Wait what's that I can't open a ticket or call you? Oh you don't say.

    Please inform your executives: From one tech manager to another, your license model is broken, it's terrible and you run the risk of losing business because you're not fixing it. It's most likely something simple but you don't seem committed to helping your customer base. Disappointing, considering the product is actually quite good.
  2. DaveC19

    DaveC19 Bit poster

    So the license finally showed up with the key. Frustratingly had to wait a couple of days but I am back in business
  3. Hi, please sorry for the delay in response and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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