Thank You Parallels!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Stevamundo, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    Today I downloaded vmware first public beta. It didn't work.

    The mouse didn't move in their VM. Parallels must use more Mac codes in their VM. Which is essential for me.
  2. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    Let me explain more

    Some of you may know I'm physically disabled. Which means in this case that I can't use the traditional keyboard and mouse.

    I use a special Morse code adapter to access my Intel iMac including the mouse controls. FORTUNATELY Parallels is fully compatible with my Morse code adapter for MAC.

    For some reason the vmware beta is only partly compatible with my Morse code adapter for MAC. Like I said above, I could write in their VM but I couldn't move the mouse in their VM.

    I sent them an E-mail explaining this.

    However once again, thank you Parallels.
  3. neosublime

    neosublime Member

    Well done Parallels team. Santa will be very nice to you. Rumor has it, this could win application of the year!

    Thank you.
  4. judisohn

    judisohn Junior Member

    I agree...

    I spent years with a Mac on one side of my desk and a PC on the other, and I was giving serious consideration to moving to one platform or the other. It couldn't be the Mac because applications that are essential to my business are PC-only. Thanks to Parallels, the one and only computer sitting on my desk right now is a brand spankin' new MacBook Pro.

    Apple, Parallels saved you this customer. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  5. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    I downloaded the VMware fusion and installed it and a copy of XP. Everything seemed fine but of course no coherence which I really love now.

    I let it sit just idle over night and in the morning my MacMini was so bogged down it was silly. I had to wait like 5 minutes to quit everything that was running. I know it's a debug release and was probably chewing up memory. But I've let Parallels idle away for 20 days without a problem.

    Thanks Parallels... Keep up the great work!
  6. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter

    Parallels has definitely been my application of the year, along with many others, I'm sure.

    From the pre-release beta back in April to the most current development beta, ad all of the official builds I've used in the meantime, it has been quite a ride, and at this point the current useability and features of the software have exceeded my expectations.

    Considering what amazing new features have been introduced with every new build lately, I can hardly imagine what new things we might end up with in the release of 3.0
  7. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    BTW here's my home page if you interested to read more about me.

    Which makes this even more interesting is that when I told the creator of my Morse code adapter that it works with Parallels he was pleasantly surprised. He made this Morse code adapter for Mac OS X only.

    Now I'm not a computer expert but it seems to me that Parallels made this application just like another Mac application although this application runs different operating systems. It has to be it because otherwise I couldn't run Parallels. GREAT JOB PARALLELS!

    Also I hope now you know better why I need Parallels to become close to a real PC as it can. I can't use boot camp.

    Yeah there's assistive technology for a PC too. However this Morse code adapter for Mac is the best assistive technology that I ever tried. Besides I like Macs better as well.
  8. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro


    I just wanted to bump this thread up one more time to make sure that the Parallels team reads my previous post in here.

    I also like to say happy holidays to everyone.
  9. sandau

    sandau Member

    so to can better use Windows because Parallels allows your special OS X only mouse adapter to work in Windows....

    that's really freakin cool. seriously.

    I'd be curious to know if the Windows version of Parallels does the an interesting test. I'm sure its because the OS X mouse drivers are in control and passed through to Windows/Parallels.

    great story here! have a nice new year.
  10. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    My Morse code adapter is for the OS X only and is assistive technology for the keyboard and the mouse combine. See, I can do what you can do with your keyboard and your mouse with Morse code and my two head switches. Every keystroke and mouse direction has a Morse code code that I do. When I do a code the computer does it. That's how I run my iMac. It's a little slow, but the botton line is I have total control over my iMac.
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  11. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    BTW like I said above, Parallels is running beautifully with my Morse code adapter for OS X. I run Windows XP Professional SP2 thanks to Parallels.

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