Thanks! RC2 with Keyspan 19H USB/Serial converter

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by lscline, May 31, 2006.

  1. lscline


    This seems to be working much more reliably for me in RC2. I have now used the Keyspan adapter with two different serial devices (heart rate monitor and dive computer) and it's working great.
  2. rcomeau



    Can you tell me if you had to remove the MacOS driver first? I am using the same USB-Serial adapter, but I had to uninstall the Mac version for it to be consistently recognized in Parallels. Otherwise, I get the same old USB-connect chime/USB-disconnect chime/the device is in use error message (which repeats until I disconnect the device). It looks like the Mac driver wants to poll the device and for some reason, it snatches it away from Parallels.

    I've tried booting the guest OS, and plugging in the keyspan after, but no change.

    This is a small step, but I refuse to constantly have to uninstall drivers and re-install them every time I want to use a USB device!

    If there is a consistent procedure that will get this working correctly, please let me know.


  3. lscline


    I have uninstalled the driver (on host) using the Keyspan Assistant menu, but not uninstalled Keyspan assistant.

    I had hopes of being able to use the Keyspan from both the host and the guest (not at the same time) without uninstalling drivers from the host, but that isn't as important to me as having use of it within my Windows guest.
  4. rich_w


    So you installed and ran the Windows Keyspan drivers from within the Windows VM?
  5. powell


    I just re-installed using RC2, and I removed my Keyspan drivers from the Mac Side. I booted into windows and installed the Keyspan windows drivers. I plugged in the serial adapter and XP "chimed" to say that it had been added. Sadly, when I go to the Keyspan Assistant (all in WinXP), it tells me that there is not a device connected. If I go into the "System" control-panel, it lists the device under USB, but says that the driver cannot talk to it.

    Anyone else been able to get this to work?

    PS. I am using a Keyspan USA-19QW

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