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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Techhead156, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Techhead156



    I know how usb can be hard to implement, which will getusb devices first. but I'll add some thoughts.

    Under the VM can ask the VM to capture the selected usb device. to the VM automatically, bypassing he mac. This is good, but it requires the VM to have used it before.

    On the other hand you you leave it in its default config which s "Ask me". then every time you insert a usb device, you get a prompt and it waits for the user to decide which one to chose, while this happens the device mounts to the mac desktop. Thereby, ingnoring the box, UNTIL a button is clicked.

    So my question,

    Is there any way for future versions of Parallels to somehow "halt" the mounting in anyway UNTIL the use has answers response to the dialog ? And how are they dealing usb support in general?
  2. Flagg



    I understand your query, but I think it would be rather difficult to implement, because it would imply Parallels Desktop tampering with how any USB device connects to the Mac, which is very invasive. Could you explain, why do you think it would be better the way you suggest?

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