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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rm53, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. rm53


    I think there is a severe problem between Parallels Desktop 3 and Leopard's Time Machine (10.5.1).

    I worked for two days in some Parallels virtual machines (guest OSs) but then, I discovered Time Machine did never backup the VM files.
    Of course I did not set up Time Machine to ignore the Parallels folder.

    When looking at the files more closely, the change date (time stamp) was never updated in these days, but I had changed a lot inside the VMs and I had even rebooted the VMs several times.
    So why does the file change time stamp never gets updated?
    I think Time Machine only looks at that time stamp. If it stays the same TM ignores the file.
    So my virtual machines actually don't get backuped by Time Machine!

    (of course it may be quite different, just my current view of things... and sorry for my English)

    rudolf mittelmann

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