Time Machine running all the time

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by egandersa, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. egandersa


    My time machine is running all the time when Parallels is active. I realize that for some reason it is backing up the virtual machine, but I would like it to back up the data from my Windows Vista sessions, but not the whole machine all the time. Is there a way to accomplish this without the danger of losing data in the virtual machine? I have a 400 GB partition space on my external drive for files that I want to backup but do not change.
  2. RonSchn


    Technically Time Machine can only backup the "entire" virtual machine since it's only a package of files. Those files changes all the time the VM is running.
    So the only way to have a consistant time machine backup of a VM is to enable the "Smart Guard" option in the VM's configuration under "Backup". Then Parallels keeps a snapshot of the VM in the Backround that time machine can copy securely. Not perfect but I think the best solution given that time machine is not very smart and just copies all the files from A to Z... Have it a try!

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