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    There are two accounts hooked up to the email address we manage our subscription - Personal and Business.
    We have 14 license keys assigned within Personal account and none within Business.
    The situation is as many below:
    - 10 users (of those 14) have left the business, therefore we can't use those 10 license keys.
    I have logged 2 support tickets (#2973271 & #2970888) to get those 10 keys reset/unregister from ex-employees but in return I was told that:
    1. Keys have been reset - No, still can't use them as it says those are still being used with another account
    2. Need to sign in with Parallels account to register the key on a machine - that also didn't work (it wouldn't be smart to let everyone sign in with the same email address and password).
    3. Switch off Auto-Renewal to let all keys to expire and sign up with new subscription :) - we need keys right now - not in 3 months.
    4. Nothing can't be done as keys are assigned to Personal part of the account and not the Business one - even though both are showing within one Parallels account.

    Can I get a support to move those 14 keys to Business part of our account so we will be able to manage them, or maybe simply reset those 10 keys from my tickets so we can re-use them please like they were never used by anyone?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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