Tried everything--cannot get XP to access internet

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by ktappe, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. ktappe


    I have a brand new MacBook Pro, a fresh install of 10.4.9, Parallels build 3186, and a fresh install of Windows XP SP2. The MacBook connects to the internet via Airport. Thus far absolutely nothing I have tried has allowed XP to get onto the internet. I've gone through all suggestions in the FAQ, trying in succession to network using Bridged, Host-Only, and Shared networking. In all cases, XP gets an IP address from Parallels via DHCP, yet it cannot access the internet at all. I have no other computers to ping, so I cannot perform a ping test. Since this is a brand new setup from top to bottom, there seems a nearly zero chance that this is due to a conflicting or old configuration in either OS. I cannot figure out what I could be missing and am pleading for any other ideas. Thanks!
  2. dkp


    Open a command line in Windows and type ipconfig /all, then paste the results back here - there's no security info in the report.

    From that same command line try to ping It is
  3. tomservo291


    Be sure that the ethernet adapter in windows has been properly configured... It needs to not only obtain an IP automatically through DHCP, but also needs to automatically detect other things (Gateway, DNS servers etc.) This should all be the default settings in Windows XP SP2 though...

    Shared networking should work nicely; and as the previous comment states you dont need any local machines to ping. "ping" is the easiest test you could perform!

    Another thought, have you configured a firewall, or is the windows firewall enabled? If so, try disable all firewall, anti-virus software etc..
  4. fbronner


    From what I can read, you have a switch/router which provides you with your airport connection back to the internet.

    Have you tried pinging the switch router from the windows XP?

    Did you check the status of the windows XP connection?

    Have you checked the configuration of your switch router to make sure you are not blocking the MAC address of your parallel session? Finally make sure you reboot your windows XP whenever you change your network configuration in Parallel. Do not just suspend the XP machine and restart it when you change the networking in parallel.

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