1. Helge Becker

    Helge Becker Bit Poster

    - this software was installed to my system without my consent.
    - the desktop client abused my admin rights to make sure it get installed
    - the desktop client bypassed security for installation. I didn't thad to enter an admin password. That means the software saved this account.
    - the desktop client launched access without my consent. This makes him a trojan.
    - the access client used my desktop client account data without consent to activate itself
    - the access client started a trial period of a product without my consent, automatically agreeing license and tos without me ever seen those
    - the ipad access client cause massive spam each time it launches. again without my consent

    Seriously, are you nuts
    I think I made a major mistake in choosing your virtualization software.
  2. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    You actually feel like a lot of people on here and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get them into legal issues. I am testing out their competition now because of their attitude.
  3. Mike Boreham

    Mike Boreham Kilo Poster

    Well expressed. It is absolutely disgraceful.
  4. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard Bit Poster

    Diabolical liberties taken with trojan install

    I just had exactly the same experience and feeling about this. Absolutely livid that this was done. First inkling that anything odd was going on was when I was asked if i wanted to remote access this VM when updating tools. I said NO to remote access but still finished up with this trojan software installed on my system. I then had to manually remove it from my system. I hope it is completely gone. I am trying to find if their is a way to remove the server end of the registration as it if linked to my Parallels account information. Heck I don't even have an iPad what the hell do I need some remote access trojan software installed for?????

    My systems are secure development stations I CAN NOT ACCEPT THIS CAVALIER PRESUMPTIONS WITH MY COMPUTER SECURITY. Totally unacceptable!!!!
  5. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard Bit Poster

    It gets worse!!!!!!

    I just opened safari and spotted a new icon in the tool bar. "Open with IE". I had no idea where this came from but looking in the settings it is flagged as being installed by Parallels. Now this has goon too far! What else has it done? A look at what is being loaded shows two other problems

    Launch Daemons:
    [failed] com.parallels.mobile.dispatcher.launchdaemon.plist
    [failed] com.parallels.mobile.kextloader.launchdaemon.plist

    Launch Agents:
    [failed] com.parallels.mobile.prl_deskctl_agent.launchagent.plist
    [failed] com.parallels.mobile.startgui.launchagent.plist

    I deleted the app from Applications and that has now left stray crap in my system.

    I have just raised a ticket with support to get this removed completely from my system and any associations at the server side. I work on high security code, potentially my main development system has been seriously compromised. I may have to resort to a wipe and reinstall. If I do then I will be charging Parallels for the time and will pursue it in court if I have to.

    Hell I don't even own an iPad WTF are they thinking
  6. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    There are 5 files that are all over your systems. In /library/launchagents there are two. In /library/launchdaemons there are another two. In /library/preferences there is another one.

    As a side note if you remove the 4 from starting the auto launch the program won't run at all, so you have to keep the auto running enabled or remove the app, which is what I did (removed it).
  7. Chilidog


    I really was hoping to try this product out but after hearing and seeing all the problems (and witnessing the total disrespect of the consumer by Parallels) how can I ever trust my computer and my whole virtual life to such a unsecured program??!! Thanks to the people who actually caught this and called them out for it!
  8. JoseJr


    Just purchased Parallels 9 Desktop and specifically choose NOT to get the Parallels Access... but then: Surprise! It was installed without my permission and to top it off it didn't include an easy uninstall. I'm pretty pissed.

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