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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by dsteelman, Jul 16, 2007.

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    I am able to work in my Mac screens and my Windows screens using Parallels just fine. It works well and I am able to switch back and forth without any problem. I am not, however able to print in Windows. My printer works fine on the Mac side, but it will not work on the Windows side. I have reinstalled the printer software in Windows. The windows screen shows that the printer is there but that it is offline. I get a message on the screen that says that the printer is being used by another application which is not correct. It says to unplug the printer and plug it back in. I do that but each time I get the same message. I have unpluged the printer from the outlet, from the computer both and then try again. Nothing seems to work and I keep getting this message. There are no open applications on the Mac side. The only application open is Parallels and the program that I am trying to print from. I have printed from Parallels before, but right now I am completely unable to do any printing.

    Please help!!
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    I recommend that you use Bonjour for Windows. Instructions are here in the KnowledgeBase

    There are several other options for printing. The "virtual Parallels port" method is also in the Knowledgebase. You can also do a search and find instructions for setting up your printer through CUPS.

    The above solutions will generally allow you to seamlessly print from OSX or Parallels by setting up the Mac as a Print Server.

    You can also get it to work as you are doing now, but you have to "virtually" unplug the USB cable from the Mac and plug it into your VM when you want to use the printer on the PC side. You do this by clicking in the Parallels drop down menu: Devices/USB/"Your Printer". If you do this successfully you should see a checkmark nect to "your printer". When you want to print in OSX again, reverse the process.

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