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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by George Litterst, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. George Litterst

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    Windows seems to function correctly until I try to type in any program, including changing folder names on the desktop. When I type the first letter--any letter--the Windows OS becomes unresponsive. I can move the cursor on the screen, but neither keystrokes nor mouse-clicks will fix produce any results.

    I am running XP Professional from a Boot Camp partition in Parallels 5. The problem developed in Parallels 4 and I hoped that the new version would solve the problem.

    I don't have the problem if I boot natively under Boot Camp.
  2. tacit_one

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    There must be a conflict with some application installed in your Boot Camp. Is there any special software you have installed in the guest? Maybe your Apple drivers are outdated? When did this problem first appear?

    To analyze your system configuration and log, i will need Problem Report ID (help -> report a problem), sent at the moment when this "hang" happened.

  3. George Litterst

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    problem solved

    Thanks for your reply. I did some further investigation and stumbled onto the problem. There seemed to be an issue with the keyboard driver in Windows. I did a reset of the driver and things were fine after a restart.

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