Unable to allocate virtual memory

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by mvk, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. mvk


    With RC 1922, still getting the error message during virtual machine power :

    Unable to allocate virtual memory

    This occurs when the VM memory is set greater than 1 GB and the program memory is also greater than 1.5 GB.

    Otherwise, everything appears to run very well (other than some USB devices not working, such as Garmin Edge 305 GPS).
  2. joem


    How much memory do you have installed?
    What OS are you running that you think needs that much memory?
  3. Simurgh


    I am getting this same error on my Mac Pro. It can only be fixed when the virtual machine's RAM is set to 1.4 GB or less. The total limit in the preferences doesn't affect this. I have a total of 5 GB installed, and why does it matter how much RAM I think it needs? I want to be able to use however much RAM I feel like using, which I thought was the point of this latest update. I am also still getting an Intel Virtual Technology disabled error.

    Edit: Oh, and changing the RAM limit in the preferences won't ever allow me to choose more than 1.5 GB of RAM for the virtual machine. ??
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  4. Mr SA

    Mr SA

    I'm getting this too on 1940.

    I have a lot of headroom on my Mac Pro, with 10GB installed.

    These are extreme cases, but I tested with 4072MB allocated in Parallels preferences. Running a Win XP machine with 1400MB worked, but it wouldn't start with 1404MB or above.

    With that machine running I was able to run a second Linux machine with 1000MB but not above.

    If I opened both .pvs to the property page view without starting them, the Win XP machine would not run. Closing the Linux one doesn't fix this. You need to close out of all the Parallels windows and then go back to starting up the Win XP virtual machine.

    Weird and buggy.
  5. seanasy@gmail.com


    I'm seeing this now in 1970. It was working fine yesterday and now, today, I get “Unable to allocate virtual memory.” I've got 2GB installed and allocate 1GB to the VM. I tried reinstalling 1970 with no luck.
  6. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Try to reboot Mac OS X and then start VM again. It should help.
  7. Rich


    No, rebooting and starting the VM again doesn't change a thing.

    I have a Mac Pro with 16GB of RAM installed. The only way I can get more than one VM running is to have all the VM's use less than 1.5GB *combined*. Seems like a silly limitation... and one that tech support has steadfastly refused to even acknowledge my emails on.
  8. confused


    I also have a Mac pro with 9GB of memory. In the preference panel of parallels I have allocated 8GB to it but the individual VM does NOT allow me to choose anything greater than 1.5GB.

    I have checked again the product features of 1970 and it clearly says "64-bit Mac Pro towers and iMacs support – no RAM limitations and no need in hardware re-configurations while using Windows and it’s applications on your modern Mac".

    Am I missing something? By the way: I have looked through previous posts but couldn't find anything. I would appreciate any hints and help.
  9. palter


    That quote refers to the fact that there's no limit on the amount of physical RAM you can have installed in your machine. The first versions of Parallels that worked on the Mac Pro wouldn't work reliably if you had more than 2GB of physical RAM.
  10. bushsucks


    Rebooting helps me most times... but kind of defeats one of the convenient purposes of running Parallels, in my opinion.

    I run Quickbooks on Windows XP on my iMac... if I suspend the VM (a convenience I've really gotten used to), I seem to run out of resources when I bring the VM out of suspension and try to resume using QB. I've set Windows to manage VM... and the problem still exists.

    Got another solution? This used to work fine and I'd really, really like it to again...


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