Unable to connect CD/DVD-ROM w/XP

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by cvillalas, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. cvillalas


    Upon Parallels Desktop startup of my Windows XP OS, I receive a message that states:

    "Unable to connect CD/DVD-ROM 1... A file or device required for the operation of CD/DVD-ROM 1 does not exist or is used by another process, or you have no permission to access it. The virtual machine will continue running, but the device will be disconnected."

    When I attempt to add Microsoft Office or other programs to the Windows machine via disc or otherwise, I get the following message:

    "Setup cannot find the required setup controller file. Either there was a network error, an error reading from the CD, DVD, or other installation media, or a problem with the program you downloaded."

    I am running a brand new 15.4" Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz 4GB 200GB w/SuperDrive. I have OEM Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 Professional and 2007 Enterprise. The intent is to use the Windows machine for business and syncing with my Samsung Omnia Windows Mobile phone and the Mac for everything else.

    I have installed, uninstalled, re-installed, and installed XP, Office and other programs to no avail.

    How do I connect my CD/DVD-ROM with my Windows machine?

    A solution to this problem is sincerely appreciated.
  2. John@Parallels


    Try to point in Configuration page CD-DVD to some image file or example to
  3. mydanes


    Also - If you are running 'multiple' guest OS' at one time (as I do frequently) the FIRST VM you bring up grabs the drive and subsequent VM's bring that error up - so I ensure if I am going to utilize my CD for something I boot that VM "First" in the order if that makes sense.

    Hope that helps!
  4. psyrendust


    Configuration issue

    I was having the same issue when starting up my virtual machine after I transferred the vm image to a new macbook pro 15" unibody. I was able to fix the issue, so try this.

    1. Open System Profiler by: Apple Menu > About This Mac > More Info...
    2. Under Hardware tab select Disc Burning

    This should give you something like this:

    Firmware Revision: KA14
    Interconnect: ATAPI
    Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
    Cache: 2048 KB
    Reads DVD: Yes
    CD-Write: -R, -RW
    DVD-Write: -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
    Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, DVD-DAO
    Media: Insert media and refresh to show available burn speeds

    3. Remember the name of your device. Mine was: MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-868
    4. Pay close attention to the number at the end (UJ-868)
    5. Open Parallels Desktop
    6. Select > Virtual Machine > Configure...
    7. Under Hardware select CD/DVD-ROM 1

    You'll notice that there is a drop menu next to CD/DVD-ROM:

    8. Select the drop menu and select the device name that matches what you found in the System Profiler
    9. Select OK
    10. Allow it to configure the vm settings

    You should be all set. Now try connect to your CD/DVD-ROM device.
  5. Robert Whalen

    Robert Whalen

    Thanks to psyrendust

    Just want to thank psyrendust for the simple yet effective solution to the problem. The origin of the problem is clear once you follow psyrendust's steps: upon transferring the VM to a new machine, the VM will look for the "old" CD/DVD drive and, if it finds new hardware, will give the obtuse message ""Unable to connect CD/DVD-ROM 1... "

  6. aspector


    Another Thank You to Psyrendust!

    My MacBook Pro was just replaced, which meant a reinstall of Parallels, which promptly triggered the subject error message. After searching everywhere without success, I happened across this thread with instructions that even I, a very challenged technophobe, could follow. Can't thank you enough!
  7. mmurray

    mmurray Bit Poster

    Thanks very much. Excellent solution.

  8. AthelnyT


    Great advice

    I've been looking all over the place for a solution with hours spent on following blind alley solutions. Many thanks for your advice.
  9. speedreed


    Problem in reverse

    I'm having a similar problem, but it seems to be the reverse of the original problem. When I insert a DVD to use in iTunes on the Mac OS, I can't see the DVD drive. When I switch to Windows XP, it sees it and shows me the contents of the DVD. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I'm normally pretty proficient technically, but this whole virtual machine concept is proving a bit difficult for me to grasp.

  10. I-che


    Hi speedreed,
    please try to disconnect CD/DVD-ROM drive from virtual machine via Devices menu > CD/DVD 1 > Disconnect and check if the drive appears in Finder.
  11. silversurferc6


    I seem to have the same problem as I have two iterations of Win XP. I use one for me and one for my office (as in work). When I launch Parallels, both VM's come up. Any suggestion on how I can stop this and have it launch only the last one used (or something similar)?


  12. I-che


    Hi silversurferc6,
    in configuration of particular virtual machine (Virtual Machine menu > Configuration... > Options tab > Startup and Shutdown > Start automatically drop-down box) select option you need. You can set 'Never' for one VM and 'When Parallels Desktop' starts for the second one.
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