Unable to install Parallels Tools -- Blue Screen of Death (build 3188)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by mpemburn, Jun 5, 2007.

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    I just got my new MacBook today (2.16 MHz/2 GB/160 GB) and installed Parallels right away, using Transporter to bring over my Windows XP Pro installation. It was mostly a snore (some moments of angst but I've been working with Windows for a long time). Now I'd like to get the really cool features of Parallels working -- like Parallels Tools and Coherence -- but I'm running into some snags. When I try to install Parallels Tools, It gives me the Blue Screen of Death immediately. The screen goes by too fast to see what it's complaining about. I see that a couple of other people have asked about the same problem and received no reply. Please -- at very least -- let me know that someone is looking into it.

    Second: Coherence mode doesn't seem to work at all. Is this related to the above (do I have to have Parallels Tools installed in order for Coherence to work)?

    Lastly: I've tried to reconfigure my VM (It has 512 MB of RAM and I'd like to double that). When I try to run configuration, it says it can't do it with the VM running. When I stop the VM, the configuration screen goes bye-bye. What to do?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am not sure I understand your last question. Is it the case that when you click on Parallels, it automatically starts your XP machine, and when you exit XP, it automatically shuts down your Parallels Window also? And therefore you cannot edit your config?
    If so, try the following: (Maybe make a backup of your .pvs file first)

    Quit Parallels
    Select Finder.
    Your User Home Directory from the left pane.
    VM Name (folder)
    Open VM NAME.PVS in TextEdit.
    Find "Start auto = 1"
    Change the 1 to a 0.
    Save file.
    Start Parallels. This setting disabled the VM Autostart option.

    If you increase your memory, I wouldn't go any higher than 768MB, but you can experiment with it. You don't want Windows to be paging, but it is even worse if OSX has to start paging.
  3. VTMac


    Agree with Purplish re: memory. Less is more.
    Your coherence issue is because of the lack of parallels tools.

    The parallels tools install crash is likely a conflict with some existing driver or application. Try disabling drivers all unnecessary drivers and 3rd party software (anti-virus?) and then install parallels tools. If it works, you can reenable the apps 1 by 1 until you find the conflict.
  4. mpemburn


    Wow, now that's what I'd call a fast response! Thanks!

    Okay -- tried disabling everything I could think of and ran Parallels Tools install again. Still got the BSOD. Next: Booted into Safe Mode. It worked! I'm now running in Coherence mode and I'm one happy camper!

    Thou rockest,

  5. mpemburn


    Hi Again,

    My delight at getting Parallels Tools installed made me forget that I still have another problem that needs solving: Still can't configure the VM. I tried what you suggested Purplish, and the "Start auto" value is already set to 0. Hmmm. I did, however, see something that solved the (current) immediate problem and was able to enable shared folders so that I can start moving files out of Windows.

    Any other suggestions?


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