Unable to install Parallels Tools with latest build (3036)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Ron@RonPinkas.com, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Ron@RonPinkas.com


    Hi Guys,

    after exhausting every idea I could think of, I'm still unable to install the Paralles Tools into my XP SP-2 VM, on my Mac Mini 1.66Ghz Intel CoreDuo.

    1. The process started with me getting the warning of mismatched version of the PT when I first booted my VM after the 3036 Update.

    2. After getting the warning I clicked "Actions->Install Parallles Tools ..."

    3. I then got the standard warning about having to be loged-in to geust O/S, and clicked OK.

    4. Nothing appeared to have happened, and after few minutes I was forced to click "Actions->Cancel Paralles Tool Installation".

    5. I then proceeded to UNINSTALL PT from XP Control Panel.

    6. I was still unable to install PT - no error message ever presented.

    7. I then uninstalled Parallel Desktop completley. I renamed Library\Parallel as well as <User>\Library\Parallel to "OLD Paralel" . Then reinstalled 3036, and activated it with my Key.

    8. I created a new VM, connected it to my original hdd image (copied into new created Parall folder). I was still was not getting any response for my PT install attempts, except once where I got a warning about a problem with Drive G: which used to be a MAPPed drive to a PT Shared Folder.

    9. I proceeded to remove the drive mapping in XP, and further disabled Shared Folders support for the VM. Still no response at all when trying to install PT.

    10. I proceeded to explictly start the PTStart.exe from the VMTools.iso CD, and still no response except for the standard warning about having to be Loged-In to guest O/S, which obviously I am logged in too.

    I'll greatly appreciate any advice, as I'm anxious to re-forget about the Ctrl+Alt annoyance.


    Ron Pinkas
  2. marcmec


    Run prltools.exe from the vmtools image...
  3. Ron@RonPinkas.com


    Many tanx marcmec, amazingly this actually worked! :)

    I hope the Parallel support guys will pickup on this defect, I literallyy wasted more than a full day on this issue. I wonder what stops PTstart.exe from working, and what is it it's trying to do before calling the PRTools.exe

    Thanks again,

  4. peeInMyPantz


    can this work for xp pro corporate edition? coz the parallel tool cannot install completely in corporate edition

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