Undervolting and Coolbook...my findings so far

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    I thought I'd post some quick findings on the new version of Coolbook which came out in the last few days.

    The latest version whilst lacking in an intuative user interface does is much better than the first release. Still some way to go in the user interface front to make it more user friendly but it's an improvement on the initial release.

    With it I'm managed to setup the two profiles, Adapter and Battery with the following values:-


    1002 Mhz at 0.9500V
    1169 Mhz at 0.9500V (undervolted)
    1336 Mhz at 0.9500V (undervolted)
    1503 Mhz at 1.0500V
    1670 Mhz at 1.0750V
    1837 Mhz at 1.0875V (undervolted)
    2004 Mhz at 1.0875V (undervolted)
    2171 Mhz at 1.1000V (undervolted)
    2338 Mhz at 1.1000V (undervolted)

    And battery

    1336 Mhz at 0.9500V (undervolted)

    The undervolted entries are where I've purposely changed the voltage settings (2388 for example runs at 1.200V normally) to reduce the power consumption.

    For my battery mode I'm purposely using one step, 1336 Mhz and undervolting this to 0.9500V. This setting works fine for Mac OSX and parallels and whilst windows XP is a little slower it's still perfectly usable and battery life *seems* to be improving.

    WARNING: I'm not condoning messing with your processor settings if you are new to all this and certainly don't advise undervolting if you haven't backed up your data and don't mind the odd wrench in your gut as your machine crashes on bootup etc. The risks are apparently minimal (e.g. you can't blow up the chip undervolting but you can make it unstable and the machine can lockup as a result. Important point is not to save the changes until you test them!)

    What I've found so far is that the CPU temperature seems to be running much lower than it was. I would usually be in the low 60s most of the time with it peaking around 67/68 whilst running Parallels etc.

    So far I'm able to run Parallels as usual and right now I'm updating my iPod from iTunes at the same time and my temp is 56-59 degrees and hasn't risen above 60 so far.

    You can download coolbook from www.coolbook.se. It's worth having a play with even if you use the basic settings and don't do the undervolting.

    Will post more results as I find them.


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