Unexpected shutdowns in 3120

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jjeffers, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Stevamundo


    I like to report another unexpected shutdown. Late last night I was in OS Window mode as I switched to full screen mode 3120 just froze a moment and then just shutdown.
  2. greg1075


    Is that an issue the Parallels team is aware of and currently working on? I haven't seen any team member address it. An update would be nice.
  3. Sirreal

    Sirreal Bit Poster

    I have logged with support, and heard nothing in a week. I agree, I just wish they would advise if they are aware of it!
  4. pbw


    After changing XP memory to 384MB and changing reserved memory manually to 1024MB, I haven't had a crash after about 48 hours of usage so far (whereas Parallels was unexpectedly quitting every 30-90 minutes on average before). I've been using Parallels/XP exactly the same way I had been when it was crashing. This isn't conclusive but I'll post again if I see another unexpected quit.
  5. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    I had one application freeze
    when I tried to view a very large family tree image about 100 x 300 cm with over 2000 names

    72 sheets of A4 (at reduced magnification)

    it looked like an out of memory within WinXP
    the source file was in the shared folders

    Hugh W
  6. Sirreal

    Sirreal Bit Poster

    Originally Posted by pbw
    I sent a detailed email (including OS X crashreporter logs) to Tim Surgent and he replied immediately. So it seems like they are on it.

    How did you get a response from them? I'm still waiting over 2 weeks later.

    Also dropping to less than 1GB is really going to cause me issues
  7. drval


    I got responses when I posted a note to:


    Have you done that on this issue?
  8. websyndicate



    I was just messing around working in Visual basic 2005 and an unexpected crash. My mac turned off and rebooted where can I find the file to report this crash to the team thanks.
  9. greg1075



    Still no crash?
  10. pbw


    No crash but I probably only logged another 6 hours since my previous post... I actually don't use Parallels that much.

    It would be nice if other people could try this "fix" and see if Parallels 3120 remains stable for them. As a reminder, this is how I have it set up:
    Macbook with 2GB of RAM

    Edit: Virtual machine (XP):
    Mem = 384MB (yes, it's low but try it), Video = 16MB
    Options:Advanced: Accel Level=High, Enable Intel VT-x support checked, Cache policy for Virtual Machine

    Under Parallels Preferences:
    Memory: Adjust Reserved Memory Manually 1024 MB
    Appearance: Show Applications in Dock (checked)
    Appearance: Show Live Screen Shot in Dock (checked)
    Animations: All disabled and unchecked

    Since I changed the XP Memory to 384MB AND changed the reserved memory handling at the same time, I'm not sure if both are important. I'm guessing it's more related to the reserved memory.

    By the way, I need to give credit to the Parallels team for making the Suspend feature really fast! I hadn't used it in a long time since my VM boots/restarts pretty quickly but Suspend is even faster now.
    Edit: Build 3120 with the above settings is very stable for me if I set XP's memory to 384-512MB. But the Reserved Memory needs to be set to manual (I only use 1024MB so I don't know about other settings - I have 2GB RAM). Builds 3150 and 3170 crash repeatedly no matter what I try.
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  11. pbw


    Go to your Applications/Utilities folder and start up "Console"
    Click the "Logs" icon in upper left to open up the sidebar
    Find "~/Library/Logs" (click the arrow to open see other listings below it)
    Find CrashReporter (click arrow to see listings)
    Find Parallels.crash.log and click on it. The crash log will appear. Go to File and Save a copy.

    Sometimes Parallels won't register a crash log when it quits unexpectedly (especially in your case where the Mac turned off (???!!!). So in Console, also go to "/Library/Logs" and find CrashReporter. Then find "Exited process.crash.log". Go to File and Save a copy.

    Send these file to beta@parallels.com
  12. Sirreal

    Sirreal Bit Poster

    I have now, but haven't heard back from them. How long do they normally take
  13. WickDC


    Random for me too

    I'm having the same problem very randomly. 3Ghz Quad Mac Pro with 4GB Ram with 1GB devoted to Parallels running XP, latest patches and such. I do have the dock icon turned on as well. I'm running with two monitors so Parallels is full screen on the second monitor and I too leave it on "all" the time.

    It just completely crashes at very random times....usually when Parallels has been running for a while, but no consistent time or frequency. No logs, nothing in OS X except that it's no longer running. All the memory comes back as usable too. It's as if it's been force quit instantly.

    It's happened when I've been working in Windows a couple times, but usually when it's idle. No specific OSX application, sometimes after the Mac's been asleep overnight (and Windows also in screen saver) but sometimes not...and it's not immediate when it has been asleep either...can be working in WIndows for a while, then come back to other things and it'll crash.

    I've updated Parellels with each update, and I think this started back with the first 3xxx version.
  14. Sirreal

    Sirreal Bit Poster

    This is a perfect description of the issue. Identical setup to me... but unfortunately no response yet from beta@parallels.com
  15. schavez98


    Unexpected Shutdown

    I have had the unexpected shutdown issue for 3 weeks - I have a MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo with 2 g of Ram. I use Windows XP inside of Parallels. The machine will shut down unexpectedly.

  16. pbw


    3150 still crashes

    Here's an update to anyone who was following my posts from this thread: I didn't see Build 3120 crash when I reduced the XP memory and manually adjusted the reserve memory. I just installed Build 3150 and went back to 512MB and Reserve Memory Automatically Adjusted. It crashed within an hour. At least I got a Crashreporter Log...
  17. BenInBlack


    So i looks like there is still an issue with "Automatic Memory Adjust" because i have reverted all the setting the was suggested to minimize crashes except this one. I havent crashed at all.
  18. pbw


    Yes, Auto Reserve Memory Adjust is looking like the culprit. I left XP RAM=512MB but switched back to manual reserve memory = 1024MB and Build 3150 is still running (after 12 hours).
  19. pbw


    3150 more unstable than 3120

    Even with the workaround conditions that seemed to help me with 3120, 3150 will quit even when nothing is running in XP. Oh well
  20. MartinBear


    RC2 (3150) Shuts down frequently on USB connect of Nokia E60

    Autoconnect virtually guarantees an immediate shutown of RC2.

    Manual connect of Nokia E60 (and E50) via Devices menu sometimes works, sometime results in immediate app quit with no message.

    Will retry with the auto memory adjust turned off.

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