Unknown Person booked unauthorized Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition

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    Hello Parallels Support Team,
    on the 13th of November 2020 or accounting received an invoice over 199.98 €(172.40€ exlcuding taxes) due to the booking of a Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition (1 year) licence. Our issue with that licence is, that nobody in our company ordered nor authorized the booking of this licence. We would really like to cancel the subscription but i does not show up in our administration account. Only one already expired licence for 5 devices from 2015 is listed there.
    At this point i have two requests to make:
    First, is it possible for you to trace the IP address over which the buy was made?
    Second, i would like you to cancel our "invisible" subscription ,or at least check, if it shows up in your records and refund our payments.

    With kind regards
    Nicolas Geßler

    RA-MICRO Software AG

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