Update: Parallels Desktop 3.0 Build 5600 is available

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  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Dear Users,

    Parallels Desktop 3.0 Build 5600 is available for download:

    == Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac (Build 5600) ==

    * Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 with the Boot Camp support - added
    * Microsoft Windows XP SP3 with the Boot Camp support - added
    * Kernel panic on Mac Book Air - fixed
    * Accidental Mac OS X high CPU usage and bad responsiveness ("IPI stat: rescheduled X CPUs out of Y" issue) - fixed
    * Kernel panic when switching on CPUs using CPUPalette - fixed
    * SmartSelect: ability to use user-defined Shared Folders instead of using All Mac disks or Home folder - added
    * Shared Folders improvement:
    ** Improved transfer speed for SmartSelect
    ** Inability to copy folders with a custom icon - fixed
    ** Sharing support for removable drives - added
    * Accidental inability to mount Windows disk on the Mac desktop - fixed
    * Incorrect installation of MacFUSE - fixed

    == Known issues in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac (Build 5600) ==

    * '''Stability and resources usage'''
    ** Problems may occur when suspending a virtual machine with running OpenGL application
    ** Mounted USB device may seriously increase CPU usage
    * '''Coherence'''
    ** Small artefacts in Expose' may appear
    * '''Parallels Tools'''
    ** Parallels Tools Center sometimes may use 100% CPU after drag-and-drop operation
    * '''Video and 3D'''
    ** SolidWorks 2007 operates wrong on Macs with ATI HD2600 graphic card
    ** ArcGISâ„¢ Desktop 9.2: ArcGlobe component operates wrong
    ** Windows Media Player doesn`t work in IE on Vista
    * '''Parallels Transporter'''
    ** Vista Boot Camp migration via network may fail (if Vista launched in Parallels Desktop)
    * '''Parallels Explorer&Mounter'''
    ** Transmission between different columns with keyboard is not available yet
    * '''Applications compatibility'''
    ** TypeIt4Me causes unexpected operations in guest Windows

    == Compatible 3D Applications and Games ==

    * Amabilis 3D Canvas 7 (NEW!)
    * Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2008 (NEW!)
    * Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2008
    * Autodesk® Revit Architecture 2008
    * AeroFly Pro Deluxe
    * ArcGISâ„¢ Desktop 9.2
    * Avid SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6.02
    * CATIA V5R16
    * Delcam PowerSHAPE 7.2.40
    * Inivis AC3D 6.2.05 (NEW!)
    * Martin ShowDesigner 4.8.0 (NEW!)
    * Maxon CINEMA 4D® R10 (Enable "Graphic Tablet" option for better experience)
    * Maxwell Render 1.5 (NEW!)
    * OrthoCAD (NEW!)
    * Pixologic Zbrush 3.0 (NEW!)
    * Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0
    * Punch! Professional Home Design Platinumâ„¢ v.10.5
    * PyroSim 2006.1 (NEW!)
    * RhinoCeros® 4
    * SketchUp Pro 6
    * SolidWorks® 2007

    * Age of Empires 3 (NEW!)
    * Alien Arena 2007
    * Baldur's Gate 2
    * Bus Driver
    * Caesar 3
    * Civilization 3 (NEW!)
    * CounterStrike 1.6
    * Diablo 2 (NEW!)
    * Doom 3
    * Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
    * Fallout 2
    * FarCry
    * GORE - Ultimate Soldier
    * GTA 3 Liberty City(NEW!)
    * GTA Vice City (NEW!)
    * Half Life
    * Hitman Codename 47
    * Hitman Silent Assasin
    * Hitman Contracts
    * Homeworld 2
    * KingPin
    * Max Payne (NEW!)
    * Need For Speed Porche Unleashed (NEW!)
    * Neverball
    * Neverwinter Nights
    * Prey
    * Revolt
    * Quake 1 GL
    * Quake 2
    * Quake 3 (NEW!)
    * Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    * Second Life
    * Scorched 3D
    * Serious Sam The First Encounter
    * Serious Sam The Second Encounter
    * SiN
    * Soldier of Fortune 2
    * The Sims
    * Tribes
    * Warcraft 3
    * Wolfenstein - Enemy Territories
    * Worms 3D
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  2. Upton O'Good

    Upton O'Good

    Something is missing from the release notes.

    There is no mention of the issue of Parallels Networking conflicting with the Keyspan USB Server kernel extension. Was this fixed in a previous release that I don't know about?
  3. hydseek

    hydseek Bit Poster

    Even though it has been over six months since this bug was reported, there is still no fix even the latest build: ALT+F11 and so on do not work (in Excel, where I have to use this key combination to enter the programming mode). How difficult can this be to fix? Please provide a decent explanation as to why this has not been implemented?
  4. Sly Raskal

    Sly Raskal

    Problem with "Check for Updates?"

    I am a new user of Parallels even though I haven't successfully installed the software yet due to issues with the installation :(

    However, I informed one of my colleagues about this new build, he is currently running build 5584 if I recall correctly. He ran the "Check for updates" function from Parallels and it returned that his version was the most up to date version. What gives?
  5. Sly, out of the blue I would assume that your colleague uses a non-English version, which are available only with some weeks delay to the English version
  6. Sly Raskal

    Sly Raskal

    You've assumed wrong, he's using an English Version. :p

    Also, after doing some more digging, I've found that others are also not receiving updates for the new build even though they too are running older builds. I could only find one of the threads/posts I read earlier:

  7. rpeters


    Same here, bought boxed, english Parallels 3.0 from university bookstore fall of 2007, have never gotten the auto updater to work. Incompatibilities with Leopard caused big problems until I figured out that I needed to update manually.

    And now I see that there is a new build, but the auto updater still does not work.

    Please tell me how to fix this.
  8. Lindsay

    Lindsay Bit Poster

    Same here english version #5584. Update says it's up to date?
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  9. leesl


    same here, just checked for updates on my Parallels 3.0 v 5584 (originally installed as 2.5 and upgraded to 3.0), recently upgraded to Mac OSX 10.5.2 Leopard and it says that it is up to date!
  10. John Cunningham

    John Cunningham

    Updater thinks I haven't registered

    Well I got a message today when I fired up Parallels, stating:

    "Thank you for choosing Parallels Desktop. To download the updates available for this version, you must register your copy of Parallels Desktop at http://www.parallels.com/profile. Click Register to register your copy of Parallels Desktop online. When your copy of Parallels Desktop is registered, use the Help menu Check for updates command to download and install new updates. If you don't want to register your copy of Parallels Desktop, click Cancel."

    I have registered. In fact I've had this error before and reported it. Stacey M of the Parallels Team replied on 30 January 2008:
    "please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    This issue occurred due to the technical problems with our web site that are likely to be fixed within a week."

    Long week I guess...

  11. gewappnet


    Still waiting ...

    It's now two weeks later and there is still no sign of a German version of Build 5600. This is ridiculous! Could you please send out registry keys for the English version to every registered German user so we are no longer dependent on your extremely slow and lazy localization team?
  12. Gewappnet,

    the last time I checked the localized version came out way later than 4 weeks after the English one. You/we still have to wait.

    I am very much in favor of what you said. Parallels should make a choice: a) same time delivery of all localized version or b) give out/change the registry key to have the choice of an English one.

    Can anyone explain why localized versions take so long? Are there any kind of code changes necessary? I would assume no and that it is same code but different language. With the minor updates the changes should be minor as well. In fact the changes could be applied even before because Parallels should now what changes to make.
  13. John@Parallels


    We are working on this situation, ETA and workflow for localized builds will be published soon
  14. angrest



    Do I understand you correctly that the only thing happening shortly is that you publish the release date of the localized versions? Three weeks after the release of the US version...
  15. JamesX


    the auto-updater works fine for, I download the update then it asks if I want to update now once the d/l is complete but nothing happens, I have to force quit the parallels programs since it is unresponsive.

    Any suggestions?
  16. lswan


    The same thing happens to me. I've tried 5 times to install the update.

    I'm on 10.4.11.
  17. mdfrancois


    Update Bullshit

    I keep getting this message, which is quite annoying, as it implies that somehow not registered my software:

    Thank you for choosing Parallels Desktop. To download the updates available for this version, you must register your copy of Parallels Desktop at http://www.parallels.com/profile. Click Register to register your copy of Parallels Desktop online. When your copy of Parallels Desktop is registered, use the Help menu Check for updates command to download and install new updates. If you don't want to register your copy of Parallels Desktop, click Cancel.

    My copy is registered, and apparently there are no actual updates. So, what is with this annoying bullshit?
  18. John@Parallels


    Please register, we added this, because we had many customers which lost their keys, and we were unable to trace is key real, or fake, when you register and somehow lost your key, you can always restore it.
  19. gewappnet


    Just a reminder: The localized builds 5600 are STILL not available! It's a month now. PLEASE exchange our local keys to the English ones so we could download and use the current version.

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