Update: Parallels Desktop 4.0 Build 3846 is available

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  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Update: Parallels Desktop 4.0 Build 3846 is available
    Dear Users,

    Parallels Desktop 4.0 Build 3846 is available for download:

    Bugfixes and improvements

    - Support for creating virtual machines with Mac OS X Leopard Server and Snow Leopard Server on Nehalem-based Mac Pros and Xserves – added.
    - Support for creating Boot Camp virtual machines with Windows Vista SP2 – added.
    - Support for creating Boot Camp virtual machines with Windows 7 – added.
    - Support for running Windows 7 in virtual machines – improved.
    - Windows 7 system tray icons – improved.
    - Express installation of Windows 7 – added.
    - Shared profile issues in Windows 7 – fixed.
    - Direct printing feature in Windows 7 - fixed.
    - Sound card support in Windows 7- fixed.
    - Other Windows 7 improvements and bugfixes.
    - Support for running Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server in virtual machines - fixed.
    - Problems with installing Parallels Tools in the Ubuntu Linux 9.04 guest OS - fixed.
    - Support for using Mac OS X Snow Leopard (including the 64-bit version) on host computers – improved.
    - A number of bugs for using Parallels Desktop and running virtual machines on host computers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard fixed. Most important bugs are listed below:
    -- QuickLook plug-in crashes when trying to preview the contents of a PVM bundle
    (the crash is invisible for the user).
    -- The update may fail to install the downloaded updates for Parallels Desktop 4.0.
    -- Parallels Mounter and Explorer may fail to open Parallels Desktop disk images.
    -- It may be impossible to connect to the virtual machine from the iPhone client.
    -- Creating a virtual machine snapshot may take a very long time.
    -- Opening a web link from inside a Windows-based virtual machine in Mac Safari
    using the Shared Internet Applications feature may result in appending garbage
    to the link.
    -- On 64-bit host computers, connecting a USB device to a virtual machine may
    cause a kernel panic.

    These and a number of other bugs have been fixed in Parallels Desktop 4.0 Update (build 4.0.3846).

    Known issues

    - Dynamic resolution might not work in a Linux guest OS with the default amount of video memory. It might be necessary to increase the video memory size to at least 6 MB to let the feature work.
    - Time difference is not saved between Mac OS and Linux guest even if the “Allow time difference between host and guest" option is enabled.
    - Recycle bin integration does not work if Mac OS Dock auto hide is enabled.
    - Disk encryption tools make Windows boot extremely long. To work around this issue, add the “kernel.real_mode_vtx=0†to the system flags in the CPU settings.
    - Sound quality in Mac OS X guest is not very high.
    - Certain 3D applications (like 3D Canvas, Autodesk Inventor, and some others) may work improperly when 256 MB of video memory is allocated to the virtual machine. To work around this issue, decrease the video memory to 128 MB.
    - A message about ATI service that failed to start may appear in Boot Camp Windows virutal machine after booting. This message does not affect the virutal machine performance and can be barely ignored.
    - Windows Vista in a Boot Camp virtual machine may require reactivation after upgrading from Parallels Desktop 3.0 to this version of Parallels Desktop.
    - A wrong CPU driver is installed in a virtual machine that was initially migrated from a Virtual PC, then used with Parallels Desktop 3.0, and finally converted to Parallels Desktop 4.0 format. This results in high CPU usage in host OS with no application using CPU in the guest OS. To workaround the issue, reinstall CPU drivers in Device Manager inside the guest OS.
    - Improper textures in Serious Sam 2 and Far Cry.
    - Poor performance of Black and White 2.
    - Breath of Fire 4 does not work properly in the 32-bit color mode.
    - Problem scrolling in Punch Home Design.
    - Apple iSight disappears from Mac OS X if connected to and disconnected from a virtual machine multiple times in a row.
    - Apple USB modem does not work in the guest OS.
    - Boot Camp virtual machines cannot be created on Mac host computers that have TechTools eDrive installed.


    * If you are upgrading from PD4 build 3844 or older on Snow Leopard host - please check http://kb.parallels.com/en/6684
    * If you are upgrading from PD3 on Snow Leopard host - please check http://kb.parallels.com/en/5999
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  2. jimcoyle

    jimcoyle Hunter

    Can't download

    I would like to download this oh-so-long awaited update, but when I click on the link I get a "503-Forbidden" message. What's up with that?
  3. Goof-Off

    Goof-Off Bit poster

    Two week trial?

    Why does the update state it is a trial when I already own 4.0 build 3844?
  4. AlC

    AlC Bit poster

    When I go to this URL, it asks me questions, then says my answers will be evaluated and I may get a free 14-day trial copy. I'm running 4.0.3844, and "check for updates" says none are available, yet 4.0.3846 seems to be the current version. I'm installing Snow Leopard this week and I want the latest version. How do I get "check for updates" to work properly? Or, alternatively, is there a direct download link for those of us who own this software?
  5. scmeckel@inebraska.com

    scmeckel@inebraska.com Bit poster

    update or trial?

    The new build is available as a trial for two weeks, but not as an update to my current build 3844. I don't want to download the trial software and have it inactivated after two weeks.
  6. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team


    It is not trial - it is free PD4 update for all PD4 users which will fix number of compatibility issues with SnowLeopard, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04. It will install on top of any previous official PD4 build and will work with your permanent license key nicely. Go ahead and download.

    If you are not PD4 user and don't have license key then you can use 2 weeks trial key.
  7. JeffreyB

    JeffreyB Bit poster


    Great news - however when I try to download, it is treating me like a brand-new guy requesting an evaluation.


  8. RoyA

    RoyA Bit poster

    Hey I can't even get to the "Trial download"

    I get a 403 Forbidden error message. What's with that!!!
  9. NickDobrovolskiy

    NickDobrovolskiy Parallels Team

  10. scmeckel@inebraska.com

    scmeckel@inebraska.com Bit poster

    Then why does it require a new key which is a "two week trial" key
  11. Goof-Off

    Goof-Off Bit poster

    The URL in the email needs to be copy and pasted. For some reason, it only tries to access the first part and gives the "restricted" error. I have 3846 installed and it is free to registered 4.0 owners. The Parallels Tools autoinstall was stubborn and I had to install them from the menu, but everything seems to be working fine with both Parallels and Snow Leopard. I do need to play with 64 bit some more to know if there are any problems I haven't run into yet. I have both XP Home and Vista Business installed on my Mac Pro.
  12. rcoranje

    rcoranje Bit poster

    Y can't download the program, because you get a 403 response
  13. NickDobrovolskiy

    NickDobrovolskiy Parallels Team

    Dear customers,

    The Download button on Parallels Desktop download page http://www.parallels.com/download/desktop/ sends the mail with download link only, no trial key. This download request is not deemed as trial. The update is available through the in-product update as well.
  14. GregJ

    GregJ Bit poster



    I have just upgraded to 3846 and i was expecting that Parallels processes will work as x64 but tey aren't. Is it ok ?

  15. bomberaia

    bomberaia Member

    Does the Upgrade Cost?

    I have 4.0 and I got an email stating that I needed to pay $39.95 for the upgrade if I wanted to use OSX Snow. Does the upgrade cost?
  16. intelli

    intelli Bit poster

    The update downloaded, starts and just crashes. I'm left with a blank screen (meaning just my desktop the updater installer is closed and nowhere to be seen)
  17. BMOC

    BMOC Bit poster

    Installer Fails

    Setup: MacBook (Aluminum) 2.0GHz, 10.6
    Current Parallels: 4.0.3844

    I clicked upgrade from within Parallels, a .dmg file was downloaded to my dekstop. Then an installer launced on my Dock automatically, but nothing appeared or installed. It just sat there. Opening the disk image and running the installer manually yields the same result. Is anyone else having this issue?
  18. STim

    STim Bit poster

    intelli, can you manually open a .dmg installation package downloaded by updater and run the installer? What will be the result?

    BMOC, what is the downloaded file name? Does installer show you any messages or screens when started?
  19. AugustoV

    AugustoV Bit poster

    I am having the same problem downloaded the update from both the website and from the update process from the app. Opened manually the image (went fine), go through the install process until after it asks me to select the destination drive, then click install and just sits there, you can actually click install button multiple times but nothing happens.
  20. beta_coolbreezer

    beta_coolbreezer Bit poster

    lol... forbidden error answer.

    ok so here's a funny one. i had the same error message saying forbidden and wouldnt allow me to update. so heres the simple fix. the link that parallels emailed to you is somewhat wrong. when you click on the link it gives you it doesnt have the whole address underlined. so what you have to do is copy the whole address. put into your browser and it will allow you to download right away. lol...its always the simple stuff that confuses people...took me two days to catch onto that one.

    the whole address should be
    and if you check your email....it probably cuts off at about the update2.3 and misses the rest.


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