Update to 4.0.3846 = Parallel Tools Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by NathanC, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. NathanC


    Hello all,

    I just purchased Parallels 4 to upgrade my Parallels 3 a few days ago. Everything was fine until this morning, when the system updated itself to build 3846.

    Since the update and reboot, Coherence is not available and on start-up, on the bottom of the Windows screen it says...

    "Parallel Tools Not Installed..."

    Upon trying to install parallel tools from the "Virtual Machine" drop-down, it tries to install and then says a reboot is necessary, however upon the reboot, it says the same "not installed" message.

    I've tried a handful of times and it just repeats...I've tried safe mode but I'm running boot camp and it says its not available.
  2. VBR



    1. In windows click on start -> control panel -> add or remove programs, here uninstall Parallels Tools and kaspersky (Parallels Internet Security) if it is installed.

    2. After uninstalling completely click on start -> run and type cmd and click on ok (a black window should pop up on the screen).

    3. In the black window type cd c:\windows\system32\drivers and hit the enter button.

    4. Now type del prl* and hit the enter button

    5. Go to My Computer -> c: -> program files and rename the parallels folder to parallelsold .

    6. Restart the virtual machine

    7. After the windows is booted install Parallels Tools and then install Kaspersky (Parallels Internet Security) if necessary.
  3. NathanC


    Thank you, that worked.

    Coherence is back up and working!

    Any idea why this happened? Was it the update or something that I did?
  4. GlynD


    I had the same problem. Uninstalling and renaming the old folder worked and Parallels Tools are now installed and working.

    But now I don't have any Parallels Shared Folders! The options are all checked - what do I need to do to reinstate them?
  5. OttoW


    Mouse and Coherence Problems

    Executing the procedure as mentioned in no 2 above my mouse now works better. But I still can not switch into coherence mode, ie nothing happens... Otto

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