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  1. Darren_Coleman

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    I was running Parallels Desktop 8 and upgraded to 10 on the strength of an eshot I received which said, and I quote:
    I've since (today) received an email advising me of the availability of Parallels Desktop 11, and how I can get it for £34.99. How/where am I supposed to get this for free as promised? I tried "Check for Updates" from within Parallels but it says there are no updates available?

    I'm probably being a bit simple so thought I'd check before I get too irritated... :)
  2. MichaelB5

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    Same situation here. I download Parallels 11 and tried the key of my 10 Version (you´ll never know) I bought last friday. Didn´t work.
  3. BazilJ

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    I have the same question ...
  4. LaiClement

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    I also tried to install version 11 over version 10 via the download link included in an email today (this I hope is real as opposed to the one I received a few days ago which was sent prematurely). To my unpleasant disappointment, I got a response saying the activation code (which is new and different than the one I received a few days ago) did not work. I am stuck here not knowing what to do next.

    Should I uninstall version 10 before I install the upgrade to version 11? I suppose not otherwise I will have to spend over 2 hours again playing around with Windows OS installation and the Windows programs I need to run on Parallels.

    I emailed Parallels a few hours ago asking the same question and so far no response from Parallels yet.
  5. Dear all, we would like to let you know that customers who purchased and activated a copy of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac from the Parallels Online Store or an authorized reseller on or after July 29, 2015 through October 31, 2015, are eligible for an upgrade to the next version of Parallels Desktop for Mac at no charge. For more information please check the Tech Guarantee 2015
    You will receive Parallels Desktop 11 key during the next 3-5 business days if you are eligible for the no-charge upgrade.
  6. Did you receive any error message during the Parallels Desktop 11 activation? Could you provide us with the screenshot please?
  7. flavioc1

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    Hi, I'm using Parallels since seven years and I'm using Parallels 10 with Windows 10 since the beginning and so before July 29, 2015. Today I received the email about the upgrade to Parallels 11 and, being an early adopter, I see I'm not eligible for a no charge upgrade. I must underline that I'm really disappointed about the fact that I'm supposed to pay again for a product that I understood has a permanent license.
    I can understand the business reason but this is not nice for customers like me that trusted Parallels since the beginning.
    Thank you.
  8. Please check your inbox.
  9. RogerN1

    RogerN1 Bit poster

    I'm trying to understand the difference between the regular upgrade and the pro edition subscription (I've been a user since v5, I believe). Both appear to be the same price, but the basic upgrade warns of no free upgrades while the pro edition includes free upgrades. Please elaborate...I'm assuming that this means so long as you are paying the annual $49.99 fee you will be eligible for v12 a year from now (as opposed to bug fixes along the way)? And does it also mean I could go back to doing one-time upgrades for $49.99 at any time if I decide not to stick with the annual subscription?
  10. Hi,
    We would like to inform you that Parallels Desktop for Mac is a product designed for home and student use.
    Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition is designed for developers, designers, testers and power users. It also includes subscription to Parallels Access at no additional cost.
    Also at that moment we unfortunately have no information about the next release date, price and etc, but if you purchase Parallels Desktop subscription you will get all of our upgrade for free, during the subscription period.
  11. LaiClement

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    Yes, this is the 'error message' I got when I tried to install version 11 a few hours ago using the download link included in today's email. The screen shot is in Chinese but it literally said the activation code for version 11 has already been registered. Note that this is the activation code provided to me a few days ago and I don't remember whether and when I input these numbers myself at that time.

    The activation code that is given to me today is different than the one a few days ago however there seems to be no way I can make changes to the previous code. Can you advise what I need to do to rectify this?

    And more importantly can you please advise the proper way to install or upgrade to version 11 from version 10? Is uninstallation required?

    I am rather confused by another email of yours saying that I will be given another activation code in 2-3 days later. By then I will have 3 sets of code but the question is which one should I use. Please advise.

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  12. Hi, I've rechecked your license key and it has been already registered in your Parallels account.
    In this case please uninstall completely Parallels Desktop using Remove tools from this KB, then download and install Parallels Desktop 11 and activate it using this KB
  13. LaiClement

    LaiClement Bit poster

    thanks for your prompt response.
    I am not entirely sure whether I understand your advice correctly. Do you mean I have to uninstall Parallels 10 completely include the Windows OS and all Windows programs I have spent hours to install, before I can proceed to 'upgrade' to version 11? If yes, can you tell me whether there is alternative that can save me the hassles and troubles.
    I must say that this is a rather disappointing experience with Parallels. If I really have to redo this installation all over again, I think I am victimized by Parallels by the premature release of a version that is not really there in the first place.
    Is there a way I can be compensated for the time and effort lost?
  14. Hi, I meant only reinstall the Parallels Desktop. If you reinstall Parallels Desktop your VM will be saved.
    So just please reinstall Parallels Desktop and check the issue.
  15. RobertWise

    RobertWise Member

    My email is stating 'upgrade to the Pro version at no extra cost over standard product'. What I am wary of with this offer is subsequent years i.e. if back to normal price next time around can one upgrade back to standard version from Pro?
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  16. ghtop

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    This question really needs a clear answer, as "no extra cost over standard product" is a bit dubious from a trade descriptions point of view if the cost will end up being greater over the lifetime of the product ...
  17. ArvinB1

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    Literally just in June I went ahead and upgrade Parallels to version 10. Today I get an email the next version is out and I have to pay another $50. That's not very nice at all especially for myself that has bought every version since Parallels 6.
  18. JorgL

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    i bought my version of parallels deskton 10 on july 23 just about the windows 10 upgrade and now i can't get a free copy of version 11 thats not nice at all. unlikely i ll never ever will buy parallels desktop again. i very furious about it!!! :mad:

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  19. Edward Denny

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    This may be the wrong conversation to ask but does Parallels Desktop 11 continue support for 32-bit Windows XP?
  20. Dean_May

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    yet again parallels is fucking me about i just install my free upgrade to parallels 11 and guess what I'm on a 14 day trial what fuck is going on last update i did cost me £50 i have my parallels 10 licence key 18/12/14 why is it not working i am not paying again i need a answer fast with know bullshit i don't understand pc to good

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