USB Devices Keep Disappearing When Selected

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  1. fmckinnon


    I'm running:
    Parallels 4.03846 with Windows XP (Home Ed)
    on a Mac Pro, OS 10.5.8

    This issue has been ongoing for several months. I also have an ongoing support Ticket #773283.

    Here's the situation, and it's quite random:
    After a restart of Parallels, or after resuming a saved state ... I'm unable to re-select my USB devices.

    * They do appear in the USB devices menu in the bottom right corner (Window View) with a lock next to them.
    * When I attempt to select them, they disappear from the list. (and do NOT get selected)

    It does NOT MATTER if I have the device(s) pre-assigned to the VirtualXP environment in the USB prefs or not ... I've tried it both ways - doesn't matter.

    The only resolution thus far is totally rebooting the Mac. Shutting down Windows XP and rebooting Parallels does not resolve it - only a full Mac reboot resolves it.

    I've made a YouTube video with a full screen capture to show exactly what is happening. Hope I've been thorough enough in my explanation - I'm hoping someone here can help:

    YouTube ScreenCast:

    Thanks in advance for your help
  2. KarelF

    KarelF Bit Poster

    same problem with PD 11. already ok but now I have same problem
  3. PaulChris@Parallels

    PaulChris@Parallels Product Expert Parallels Support

    Hello, It seems that you're on outdated build of Parallels Desktop 11, please update Parallels Desktop to the latest build 11.1.0 (32202). You can update to the latest build as suggested in this article. Latest version always available here: Please note that Parallels Tools also needs to be updated (Actions > Update Parallels Tools). Please see this article to know more about Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac updates summary.

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