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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Laser_jock, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Laser_jock


    I have a legacy Win program that requires a dongle to operate (in this case the dongle connects to the 25-pin parallel port). i know that there are USB<-->25-pin parallel port adapters out there so that is not a problem...but I figured I query our group here to see if anyone has tried this with Parallels yet, so that I can avoid reventing any wheels that needed to be invented.

  2. drozek


    Hey I am not sure if this would help. But I used a serial to USB converter for my Microprocessor class. There were drivers when I bought the converter. Boot your parallels and then plug in the cable and then install the drivers.
  3. santosha


    Hi Laser,
    same problem here.

    Did you find a solution?

    Anyone at Parallels can answer to this?

  4. glsanders


    same prob here

    Anyone at Parallels care to address this? I've got a USB to DB25 adapter cable hooked up. Parallels sees it as a IEE-1284 controller in the USB menu . I've installed the Sentinel drivers but no luck launching the app. It doesn't see the dongle. This could be a deal breaker for us, bummer , we hoped to convert over a bunch of workstations.
  5. Jisi



    Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Parallel2USB (like those Serial2USB) Converter available. The USB to parallel "adapters" which can be bought implement a special USB device class (IEEE1284 Bridge), which is only suitable for printers. Many of those adapters are based on the Prolific PL2305

    The main problem is, that thos adapters dont provide a virtual LPT Port (e.g. "LPT12"), which would be needed to use them as a drop in replacement for a parallel port.

    There is _one_ way I know of that might work, but that involves some tinkering: um den PC/USB2LPT/index.html.en
    . That project includes drivers which provide a "real virtual" LPT Port. But since I haven't one of those and don't know whether they work under Parallels.

    This is not a Parallels problem but rather a problem with USB2Parallel adapters

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