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    I installed PD 3.0 and then set boot camp as guest os. I haven;t been able to install Parallel Tools as it is greyed out. When win xp opens as guest os it is very large and narrow and there are no options visible to select, such as ,convergence, etc.

    I am a new user of a Mac computer. IMac 20
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    Parallels tools should be installed automatically at first start of your bootcamp windows in Parallels Desktop.
  3. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    on the Mac check PDTMenu >> Devices >> Flopppy >> connect
    what do you see?

    some hints
    As a returning MAC user I hung out in the news:comp.sys.mac groups to see what was going on and the Mactopia for MS Mac Office
    and here of course

    I opted out of Bootcamp because it is unsupported by Apple in perpetual Beta

    really only needed by PC gamers

    thoroughly learn P DT >> Menu >> Devices > Shared Folders >> add

    just add the whole mac desktop, Macintosh HD and any other external hard disks to gain full access from within WInXP Sp2

    put a second screen on your mac
    any old PC screen will do with an adapter
    so my windows VM is mostly on the second screen

    Hugh W
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