V19: what the heck happened to the quality?

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for iOS' started by DanielT35, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. DanielT35

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    As of the new v19 from 3 days ago, the software has become useless. It is clearly no longer using the iPhone's native resolution for the session, only its own GUI, and is rescaling and downscaling in a way where pretty much everything is illegible. Even zoomed in fully it's all blurry and soft and no longer pixel perfect, and when you pan the screen lines of pixels flicker and appear/disappear. I've also had severe issues with it refusing to pan across the full width of the desktop in portrait mode.

    Here's an example of the quality, with the GUI overlay to show the kind of resolution it SHOULD be using.

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  2. RobbieL2


    I thought it was just something I did. Clear on my Mac but when I connect on my iPhone everything is blurry. This is ridiculous!

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