Very bad sound in Parallels 8 with Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by manic23, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. manic23


    Anyone else experiending this? I get very bad sound in Windows 7 with Parallels 8 (version 8.0.18101.797180). I have all the updates installed in Windows 7, but get very choppy sound like its breaking up and static, I have the latest Parallels tools installed as well.

    I have attached an example, it's just the sample song you get in Windows Media Player im WMA format.

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  2. Opus104


    Static sounds for me too - Any help?

    I also have a similar issue since upgraded. MacBook Pro 13", 2010 model. Windows 7 Professional.
  3. KonstantinO

    KonstantinO Parallels Developers

    Hello, can you provide more information about problem ?

    Is it playback or recording, what is host and audio hardware used, e.t.c. ?

    Please create and send Problem Report to us ( and post it's number here. For best results create PR while sound problem occurred (on live VM).
  4. lolekpraha

    lolekpraha Bit Poster

    Hello, I had the same problem. Statics and drops. There was a very nice support guy contacting me and conecting remotely and trying everything. It was not solved. He promoted it to "developers" or "support of second grade". They did not reply or react. And it is 5 months already. :( Still having the same sound issues.
  5. mmarchant


    CRAP sound.

    I have purchased and upgraded all the way from Parallels 4 to 9 and it seems to be getting worse by the upgrade. I'm running a Windows 7 VM on a MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo with a Samsung SSD and I've replaced the optical drive with a 750GB 7200RPM HDD. I have the VM running from the 750GB. The Mac has 8GB of RAM and I've dedicated 3GB to the VM, maybe I should go 4GB but then everything else will go berserk. Anyway, apart from having the loud Crackling sound. iTunes sound is choppy when playing any music. Windows 7 takes longer to boot in this VM version than in the previous.

    I've updated to Build 9.0.23136 (Revision 932290; Wednesday, October 16, 2013) but it hasn't made any difference with the sound.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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