Very old license key and no access to old account

Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by ClausF, Nov 20, 2022.

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    Hi, I just bought an upgrade to a Parallels Pro subscription but can't install it because it asks for the key of a previous version. The order process did not ask for the key or mention that I would need the key for activating the current version.

    I'm pretty sure I do have a permanent license to an old version of Parallels (I have been using it for a couple of years). In my emails, however, I can only find an invoice for a retail version of Parallels v2 (OEM) and an upgrade key from Parallels v2 to v3, which does not work (plus trial keys for 4.0 and 5.0, which obviously don't work either).

    I tried looking into my old Parallels account. However, while I still remember the email address and password, I can't access my account because I no longer have access to the email account (it's in the form username@lastname.oldprovider.tld) and can't receive the code for the new two-factor authorization. Is there a way to recover the old account and/or transfer the licenses to a new account?

    Also, if that does not work, I do also have a license for VMWare fusion. Is there a competitive upgrade that I could use with the already-purchased upgrade subscription if the recovery of the old keys does not work?

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