Very positive feedback from build 5120

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Public Beta' started by Olivier, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    I'd like to congratulate the programming and testing team at Parallels, this new beta build looks like a major progress in stability and polishing of features.

    First, the notes presented during the installation are very detailed and readable, including what's new, what's known to be missing or buggy and what's been fixed.

    Second there are clear signs of better speed in multiple areas. I'm not very specific because I run this build for only half an hour yet. Though there is evidence that my idle XP SP2 only eats 10% cpu on the Mac side (it's moving between 9.5% and 10.5%) compared to a whopping 30-40% with the previous beta build (5060) where the load had actually increased over the initial public release of 3.0 (I had there percentages in the 20-30 range). The overall windows reactions when in Coherence mode are evidently snappier, too.

    I also had no issue installing this build over the previous beta (5060), but I must confess I never had issues upgrading from one build to another. I read this is not the experience of everybody, but taking into account that generally only problems come up on a forum like this one and not reports of satisfaction, I assume it generally works well, at least does it for me and my rather old hardware (initial MacBook Pro 15", April 2006 vintage).
  2. rdean


    I agree, my upgrade to 3.0 went very smoothly. I had issues the last time I upgraded but not this time.

    I did the following:

    1. Backed up the original parallels data.
    2. Brought up windows xp, uninstalled parallel tools.
    3. Then I inserted my original Parallels Cd and uninstalled the Parallels application.
    4. Then I rebuilt object permissions in OSX using the disk utility.
    5. Loaded 3.0 of Parallels
    6. Brought up parallels and allowed it to converted my parallels Windows XP session for 3.0.
    7. Insalled Parallel tools from the menu with Windows XP up.

    That was it. It worked great. Good job guys! I delayed this upgrade because of all the problems I was reading that everyone had and I guess it was worth it because it seems as though you guys have fixed a lot of issue.
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  3. airolson



    I am absolutely *delighted* to discover that Space Rangers 2 works like a charm! I'm about to try the rest of The List.

    Bravo, Parallels!
  4. non-troppo


    Seems true...

    Indeed, CPU use is really down (first time clearly after so many promises)!!! For me from 15-20% -> 7-9% with an idle XP. Memory seems to be handled differently too, less memory is wired, which should help when memory runs low. Being able to use more memory per virtual machine is great too for those that have large RAM specs. Very cool, and it is this kind of fixed core functionality which will help Parallels against Fusion (lots of defectors left for core functionality/stability, not UI bling)...
  5. airolson


    I should mention that the planetary battles, which use DirectX 9.0, don't work. The game detects that the capability is not there and prevents you from taking part in them. I don't mind personally because I never take part in them anyway! :)

    Divine Divinity also seems to work fine using DirectDraw.

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