VERY slow responses in Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by JimGagne, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. JimGagne


    Overall I'm EXTREMELY satisfied running Dragon Naturallyspeaking as a process under Windows Pro XP on my 24" iMac. My only wish would be that Windows have access to the iMac's dual processors. I'd also like the option to have a window pop up if I insert a CD/DVD or USB device to ask me whether to direct the device to Windows or the Mac OS.

    A problem just arose that makes one aspect of the system unusable. Occasionally I log onto a remote Windows server over the internet using Remote Desktop Connection, in order to download confidential Word files securely. I use the option to have the server access my C: drive so I can copy files from their server to my hard drive. This had always worked well on my Toshiba Windows laptop. Now under Parallels, it is agonizingly slow to navigate through my hard drive directory to the My Documents folder. It takes literally a minute or more per mouse click! (There's no problem with response time navigating through the directory on the remote computer, just the remote's hookup with my local machine.)

    I spoke with the tech support guy for the remote server, who finds no problem with straight Windows machines but could easily reproduce the problem with Windows under Parallels.

    So it's a Parallels problem. Over to you, Chet.

    ---Jim Gagne---
  2. sfuller


    I've been using Parallels through the various builds since July of 06. I've not had any performance problems running the RDC client under parallels. I've used it for number of tasks such as running a remote XP workstation, as well as administering a number of Windows 2003 servers. I've had 3 or 4 of these sessions open at once without any adverse impacts.
  3. Paul Linden

    Paul Linden

    Do you realise that an OS X native of Windows Remote Desktop is available?

    I've used both this and rdesktop on host system, no problems.

    Try it on your host OS and see if you get the same slowness.

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