Virtue Desktops and RC Full-Screen issue

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by joshv, May 18, 2006.

  1. kaufman


    THat's strange, because mine doesn't do that. I just tried again. If I do:

    [Control]-[Shift] (to release the input key)
    [Control]-[Shift]-[Left Arrow] (to switch away from the Windows XP full screen)
    [Control]-[Shift]-[Right Arrow] (to switch back to the Windows XP full screen)

    Parallels stays in full screen mode.

    I liked the Beta 6 handling better. If I want to assign a keystroke to some system function, it is my responsibility to remember that no Windows app will be lost without it. I would rsather get cmd-tab, etc back.

  2. pilif



    if you can't find a way to work around the issue with virtue, make the zapping-out-of-fullscreen-on-focus-loss a toggleable setting, please. I would certainly prefer living with some rarely occurring problems with focus loss than with the Virtue thing not working.

  3. quixos

    quixos Bit Poster

    to parallels team,

    did anyone actually complain about this behavior you are fixing?
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  4. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    Yes, there were problems related to the full-screen focus loose.
    But, Virtue was really not taken into consideration here - that's the main problem.
    The best solution here will be an option in configuration that will decide the behaviour on focus loose - stay full-screen or leave it. This will make users that use Virtue feel comfortable as well as users that do not have it installed ?
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Bit Poster

    Good solution! Thanks.
  6. quixos

    quixos Bit Poster

    options are grand! thank you. :)
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  7. profetes


    I can report the same problem with virtue desktops. When Paralles enters in full-screen I cannot change desktops without getting out of full-screen mode. Before, changing OS as changing desktops was very very very useful. Hope for a fix.
  8. jonathan


    I've not tried RC yet since I use Virtue Desktops and don't want to lose the easy switching functionality.

    Since Virtue Desktops is open source, and the guy behind it has been seen lurking around here - I'm sure some integrated solution could be worked out. I know you guys (Parallels) don't want to have to code up special pleading to deal with a particular app, but in this case it seems like a lot of people here are using Virtue.

    Honestly, being able to flip between OS X and Windows is the only reason I use Virtue. If you guys were able to subsume the full-screen flipping functionality fully into Parallels I'd probably stop using it. The current full-screen cube transition thing isn't a solution for me as when not full-screen I have the Windows window hanging around cluttering up my OS X desktop and I have to suffer through all that horrible desktop flickering and window resizing nonsense.

    For me the ideal solution would be for Parallels to disappear out of the dock and lose any windows altogether. I'd rather have a Parallels system menu that shows me which VMs I have and which are running, allows suspending/resuming of them and full-screen-switching to them (with some hotkey combo like Virtue's ctrl-shift-left/right to make it snappier).
  9. tomhalv


    Stick with B6... I tried the RC for about 30 minutes and discovered all of the bad things (Airport IP config problem, lost Virtue switching for full screen, and unstable shared folders) and immediately went back to B6. This was definitely a step in the wrong direction IMO...
  10. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    We will fix this integration between Virtu and Parallels.
  11. luz


    Yes, that would be great.

    But please add some more general solution to decide which global hotkeys get passed on to Mac OS X or not. Best would be a general checkbox ("pass global hotkeys to Mac OS") and an editable list of exceptions.

    I have tons of helpers (like a Function key to pause iTunes e.g. when the phone rings) that worked fine with beta 6 and are all broken with RC1.
  12. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    This should be because of option "System Preferences->Universal Access->Enable Access for assistive devices" that let's Parallels to handle these keys. Try to uncheck this option.
  13. ronniech


    that's a good advise and I've switched back to B6 and now it works much better.
  14. pilif


    Hi there,

    I love that (and I posted about it just a bit earlier). Make it the default to leave full screen mode, but give us Virtue users the possibility to turn it off.

    Is it just me or has the RC gotten much faster compared to beta 6?

  15. Bit Poster

    I can understand the reasons for leaving out the virtue compatibility. But that feature alone (the switching from a Parallels screen running Windows to a MAC Screen by clicking ctrl+shift+arrow) will sell Parallels versions and will make more mac users buy the product. So getting compatibility with virtue desktop back in, is really important.

    Keep up the amazing work,
  16. knippers


    I can't hardly wait for the Virtue fullscreen fix (has to my opinion almost the same priority as the wireless hotfix for beta 6).
    Also I would like to point out that in beta 6 the virtual machine "start fullscreen" option did not (temporary) resize my Mac OS X screen size (cropping all open applications). Instead the bios and windows startup screen where nicely centered to the (virtue) screen. I would like this behaviour back. The workaround is simple, just uncheck "start fullscreen" and when windows is fully started and it's resolution is set to match the native mac os x resolution switch to fullscreen.
  17. chrismasto


    The best solution is to drop the "always on top" behavior. Then you can leave it full screen and also not have to worry about other windows being obscured. Why can't you just do that? It seems like you're putting a lot of engineering into workarounds when all it would take is changing one flag.
  18. maverick808


    I don't agree. I either want XP full screen or OS X full screen. I don't want OS X with and XP background. For me all they need to fix is make the hide command (Apple-H) actually hide instead of resizing the window.
  19. Tony Arnold

    Tony Arnold

    'Lurking' is a bit strong. I believe I loiter with purpose :)

    Parallels - if there's anything I can do from the VirtueDesktops end, let me know (as always).
  20. nhand42


    Tony, your VirtueDesktops software is awesome.

    Parallels Team, I'd like to see the Beta6 behaviour restored, where you could have Parallels fullscreen on one Virtue desktop and ctrl-shift-arrow between Mac and Parallels. It gave a great illusion of having your Mac "morph" into another OS. The new behaviour, where Parallels drops out of fullscreen when it loses focus, is not so good because it breaks the illusion.

    Other improvements in the RC are fantastic. The suspend/resume time is significantly improved and the handling of video resolution in fullscreen mode is much better. The interface looks much better too (more Mac like). Great work guys. You're doing a top job.

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