Vista audio still choppy in 3.0

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by McDeb, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. McDeb


    I was under the impression that the choppy audio problem would be fixed in verison 3. After purchasing the upgrade and installing, Windows Media audio in Vista is still choppy, distorted and unlistenable. This true for everyone running version 3 with Vista?

  2. sidssp


    It happens to me also. Very disappointing. It seems they have spent all the efforts to do the new features but forgot to get the basics working.
  3. scottr


    I agree entirely. Having the exact same problem, however it exists for video as well as audio in Vista.

    Was happening back in version 2.x, however, thought it was going to be fixed by the 3D graphics support (had guessed maybe it was Vista graphics overhead slowing everything down). No luck, however - still having the same problem.

    Tried playing with virtual RAM and video memory settings, acceleration levels, but no luck! It must be something to do with resources, however, as this problem does not exist in Windows XP - even using the same version of media player.

    I am using a MacBook, from early 2006 - would be interesting to see if it is only MacBook users experiencing this, or whether MacBook Pro suffers from the same fundamental flaw too!

    I am an avid Parallels supporter, and wish to avoid using BootCamp due to the harddisk capacity of my MacBook. I prefer to only use the space I need to use - ie, an expanding virtual disk! I am thinking, however, that BootCamp may be the only option at this stage, except reverting to Windows XP, of course.

    Hope there is a fix soon - deleting my vHDD again is not something I really want to do!
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  4. allenranger2


    MacBook Pro here, Core 2 Duo from December, same choppy audio as you mentioned. Haven't actually tried video yet, not sure I want to. But I chat on TeamSpeak with friends, so audio quality is a problem.
  5. scottr


    Hmm... that doesn't sound promising if you are using a MPB. Thought it might be hardware limitations, but more likely, then, it seems to be software.

  6. adamsweeting


    I can confirm that the audio is still choppy in my Vista Ultimate VM using PDM 3 (it is slightly better that the previous version, but still unlistenable).

    I have a MacBook Core 2 Duo (2GHz), with 2Gb RAM.
  7. scottr


    Thanks adam,

    On one hand I'm glad it's not just me... on the other? I'm worried how such a widespread issue goes unnoticed.

    Fingers crossed it is a simple solution - but I guess if it was, it probably would've been fixed.

    Hmm!... any further reports would be appreciated - especially if someone finds a configuration where it doesn't happen!
  8. crzychik824


    I am having problems too with Vista Ultimate audio quality being choppy. I have a MacBook Pro, Core 2 Duo 2GHz with 2GB RAM. Hopefully they fix this soon as it makes listening to music or playing games problematic. If anyone knows of a fix please post!

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